Can you give me some easy-to-make and healty breakfeast recipes?

Adam M.
I know one where you get a blender and you put 1 banana in for each person. You slice or dice it and put it in the blender. Then you put a half a teaspoon of milk in. Blend it and stick it in the freezer. Let it sit till it's not frozen but not slushie like. Put it in a cup and enjoy. You can do this with any fruit and you can also add fruit to another fruit or add fruit juice.
Amalie B.
One easy option is a parfait, yogurt fruit then granola, you also could do a handful of almonds with some fruit or cut a banana is half lengthwise and then put peanut butter and agave nectar or honey on it
Lisa J.
The breakfast I made ever morning is oak.
First,boil water,water:oak=1.5:1
Second, but some milk
Third, put peanut butter to make it taste more smooth
And finally put some strawberries and blueberries
Rachel C.
Any type of smoothie. For example, spinach/kale (whatever you prefer) mango, some honey, and water and/or juice (again preference). Another example, bananas, milk, cinnamon, chocolate powder drink mix, vanilla flavoring. And again, adjust to your liking.
Alicia Z.
We keep hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit on hand. Pair is with whole grain toast or nuts and you have a quick healthy breakfast.
Annamaria O.
My go-to is a spinach, mushroom, green onion omelette with either egg whites or whole eggs. I add in some vegan cheese and make some tea. Voila! So delicious, healthy and filling! And takes just 5 minutes to make.
Perry Y.
Porridge sachets have been my go-to this past fortnight (it's winter here). Oats are so filling and nice! I mix in extra milk and dried fruit.
Gesine Z.
Oatmeal is really easy to make and can be topped with anything you want. 1/3 cup oats and 3/4 cup of water 💧 in a large bowl microwave at 60% power for 5 minutes for rich thick and creamy oatmeal- a quick, warm and healthy breakfast full of protein and fiber that will keep you full until lunch 🥗 even if you have a late lunch. It is cheap, quick and easy and good for you.
Gebhard H.
Hey there! I prefer do have sandwiches with avocado, sprinkle lemon juice and top with tomatoes. If you are not vegetarian or vegan, it is best to combine with fried eggs or salmon which you can buy in supermarkets.
Mathias U.
Fresh blueberries in plain nonfat Greek yogurt, a banana with almond butter, a handful of almonds and dried cranberries, eggs with salsa, oatmeal with cinnamon and vanilla, oatmeal bread with an egg baked in the middle,