How do you get into an efficent, rewarding exercise routine?

Flavie S.
I prepare myself for my morning gym session the night before. Going to bed knowing I am prepared makes it easier to get up and in to routine. I also ensure I am rewarded with regular sleep ins. A good balance is the key😃
Lana Z.
I’m still working on it. Not having a consistent daily schedule makes it difficult to establish routines. Counting any intentional interval of physical activity makes it easier to get a daily trend going, and then when I have more time I get the longer session in
Henriette Y.
You need to find something that you really enjoy doing. For me this is intens Pilates which I do 5-15 minutes a day. I do not want to spend ages working out but I do want to see an effect. I think the goal is to find something you like and to focus on what you are gaining from it for example: clearer mind, sense of achievment, better mobility, shaped body, more energy etc
Lorenzo Q.
Music, plan or find a exercise routine to your favorite song. This is good motivation and just helps it feel more rewarding.
Adner O.
I am a people person and I wanted to use cardio machines that track my work out sessions to keep me motivated. So I joined a gym to keep my excercises regular
Nicklas W.
You do it first thing In the morning short 10 minute burst after after drinking water kept by bed at night.

Andreas N.
I have a couple.
I found I hate exercise, but love zumba. It's exercise, but doesn't feel like it. I go every Tuesday and Thursday. Love the instructor and the other "regulars". Tuesday and Thursday every week, non-negotiable.
The second I've just recently found. Something quick but effective, easy to slide into my morning routine. Joined a squat challenge and I do them each day before really starting the day. Feels good to get everything moving first thing.
Rafaela P.
I dance. Dance while in the shower. Put some music I love and just start moving, both enjoying the bath, the music, the dance and the exercise I am doing by dancing. This way I'm always motivated to exercise daily since I'm having fun in the process. I tighten my muscles while dancing to have better results
Silke X.
Action is power! We all the the health,mind and life benefits of exercising but getting this habit into once daily routine is what brings life transformation. Set up a routine using the amazing fabulous app and keep it simple so you can stay consistent. Falling of track is ok sometimes but getting back on track quickly is important. Distraction is ok but deviation is not!Do your exercise routine so consistently that it becomes as easy as brushing your teeth every morning!
Rosi T.
Start small. Commit to just one small exercise each morning. Chances are that once you start, you'll want to keep going since you're already in the mind frame to exercise, but if not, you'll at least have done that one small thing. The next day, repeat that one small thing, or choose another, but just commit to one.
Nicole T.
I try to buddy up with a friend. Or make it part of my dogs routine. I am less likely to let them down than myself it seems. Until I get into a habit it's the best way for me
Sam Y.
Preparation the night before and enough sleep. If I my breakfast and lunch packed and go to bed early it is much easier to get out of bed in the morning and head to the gym. Also remembering how good you feel after a workout is important. It always is hard starting out and even finishing sometimes but when it's done the feeling is amazing