How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you’re tired?

Edouard Y.
I just say to my self I can do it cause I am a human who can do anything in his life, also I encourage my self to do it giving my self inner energy
Clarisse O.
There are researches on brain that say it does not make any difference between what you imagine and what you see/are/feeling (I still have some researches to do about that subject so I do not want to say more fearing I could say something wrong) so I try to work on it and associate pleasure with sport (I personally put a music I love and each time I’ll hear this music I wanna do it) but I also imagine myself, how would I be 1 month later if I quit sport? Wouldn’t it be even more painful to look in the mirror and feel disappointed? I just speak to myself like « com’ on you really want to stay/feel/look like this for your whole life? »
Of course I think there can be days where you feel too down/tired or else and where you can just take a day off, but I just tell myself that I have to push myself the next day, not adding a workout or doing more than usual but actually doing what I do usually. You mustn’t fall in the trap of one day is ok so two are…
hope that was helpful ! And you can do it !
Owen G.
Reflect on the physical and mental health benefits. Even though your mind is telling you not to exercise this means you should to feel better in yourself.
Zen N.
Let yourself see what you can achieve if you exercise despite the fact that u r tired. Look in a mirror and convince yourself that you are strong and can go through your workout through anything
Randomuser M.
Sometimes, it can be really hard to get moving. Usually I approach this in two different tones. The first being nice and understanding, its okay to go easy as long as you try, or rougher; do this for you! get out there and give it your all! So id say its all about your mindset. Keep it positive?