What exercises do you enjoy the most on the run?

Michael Z.
I usually do 10 push-ups and 10 squats in the morning. Jump squats and burpees are also good for exercises because they are fast and get your nervous system going. The idea of my morning workout is to get to a stage where my nervous system is awake and energized. Short high intensity workouts achieve this.
Lenny Z.
I've just started, and you have to make it easy and make it seem like it's just part of your day. Being so busy and being pulled in 50 different directions, I have been doing the 30-Day Challenge App exercises that only take about 5 to 8 minutes each and i do two different focus areas a day. It's a start, but is actually really easy when you have a busy day and can be done anywhere.
Alfred Z.
For cardio the one I enjoy the most is cycling. I can go faster than running so it means I can explore more km in the same time.
Gabe Y.
On the run? Well, literally running. I enjoy getting my heart pumping and seeing the world move around me. Running is also completely flexible in that you don’t need any real equipment, just some good shoes and tunes! Running on warm spring days always got me out of the winter funk when I could get my blood pumping again.
Marlene G.
When I am traveling, I like a simple dance session in my hotel room. I put together a playlist, put on my headphones, and dance to wake up.
Dora G.
Walking outside. We can listen to music, slow my mind down and just try to be present in the moment. Taking the dogs along also gives me some quality time with them too.
Sara Z.
When I'm not in my home town I like to do sit up and push up variations. Like the Hindu push up or Spiderman push ups. Go for as long as you can and you are golden
D Cio Z.
I really enjoy walking. I enjoy walking the Halls of the building I live in. It is independent senior living. I will walk the floor I am on and then go down the stairs to the next floor until I have done all seven floors
Gina Z.
I don't really exercise on the run per se except occasional hand strengthening, but I stretch frequently which I get teased for occasionally. "Warming up for the big game at your desk again, eh?" (Byproduct of years of extreme sports).
Every day though, I start with a warmup workout consisting of at a minimum pushups (elbows in!), chair dips, parralel hand chin-ups, and body weight squats. Make sure you follow that with some clean fast-acting protein (Combat by Muscle Path for me but I'm an ectomorph). Get some!
Camila Y.
I enjoy the most running, but also dancing! I started a habit to learn new dance moves actually and it’s veen really fun
Mikhail O.
I like dancing to music. It doesn’t really feel like you are exercising. I also do a class on Tuesdays call abs and booty. Exercise to good music always makes me feel like I’m just there to have a good time versus working out.
Elias P.
Ones that are small and easy, not a huge commitment. Something I can do at home without special equipment. And most preferably, exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise…in other words, activities that are done for other purposes where exercise is a side effect (ex: travel, walking thru museums, moving furniture, water park, etc).