How do you stick to the routine? So many things are distracting, and at the start all I really want is to sit in the comfy sofa :) Any tips?

Albane U.
I timebox my habits by telling myself I ABSOLUTELY MUST complete my habit by time X and the latest. That way I give myself some wiggle room to get smaller tasks in between.
Nadesha Z.
Honestly it’s really hard at first because who wants to leave their comfortable place…I’ve learned that distractions are apart of life and so is discipline you jus have to decide do I really wanna stay the same or embrace this new uncomfortable journey to become a better version of yourself…I started and stopped a few times but once u get into the new routine it’s going to be great!!
Luisa I.
it is so so hard for me, especially when i have some form of adhd. things that help me are: downloading apps. a timetable app, like the ones you use for school, those can rly help! you can put a widget on ur phone and it says the thing you need to do, and the time left! (you are the one who sets it up) it also helps to have some encouragement, and to sometimes just say “no! i can do it! and get immediately up and go do the thing you have to do!