What exercise really builds your cardio?

Steve C.
Running, but I am not able to run, so I would have to say the elliptical. I would like to get an elliptical for this reason.

Alexandra Z.
Boxing! It's got a lot of skipping rope and doing burpees, and using the punching bag really gets your heart rate up. Though, with everything being closed right now, even just the skipping is a great cardio workout, and one you could do on your driveway or balcony

Malia V.
An exercise that really builds my cardio is honestly running. It sounds basic but it’s true especially running up a small hill or anything with an incline. I play basketball and that’s something that helped the most and it’s also challenging because you have to try to take your mind to another place so you don’t just focus on the pain of being tired. Just focus on your goals and dreams as if you are physically running to them. That always helps me !

Lisa Q.
I’m 65 and highly aware of how injuries can profoundly affect my health. I walk fast uphill. I do this at the gym on a treadmill and I hike multiple times a week.

Alana P.
For me, long cardio in the from for boring. So I've just started finding tabata videos on you tube. Short high intensity workouts, a few rounds and that has been really beneficial without losing a lot of time. Makes it manageable, easier to keep doing.

Robin T.
I don’t know an exercise per se. I’d say cardio builds cardio! In my case, transitioning from jogging to running helped, and I used the nike running app to make it happen.