How do you keep motivated to exercise?

Carlos Q.
My motivation comes from the progress I've made since the start of my journey, everyday wake up, exercise then eat continuously
Darla F.
The biggest factor is to determine the “why” behind exercise. Mine is that I am doing it for the 80-year old version of myself who will still be running around and strong because I took care of our body at 25. But the truth is, I don’t rely on motivation to get me to do exercise. It’s more like a contract that is written in blood. I force myself to do it on days I’d rather not. However! If I even do just 1% effort— a single squat or a sit-up or a jumping jack— I will give myself the credit because anything tiny is better than 0%. Whatever will bring me closer to a happy 80-year old me.
Telse X.
Gotta have a why in the morning. My why is my ultimate dream to become an Air Force pilot. Also, to see my parents never financially suffer again.
Samaria O.
Definitely listening to music that makes you happy and keeps you in a good mood. Especially songs you wanna sing along to so you can distract yourself from working out and it just becomes a fun little habit
Divin Ia A.
I always make my exercise fun..basically I will exercise with music. Exercising with music makes me feel more energetic, relax and motivated.