My schedule changes daily because I am a freelancer, today I had to leave the house at 6am. How do I find the time everyday to exercise?

Tony Q.
Walking places really helps, if I need to drive I park about 10 mins away and get the exercise in then. Wrist and ankle weights might help too

Magnus E.
Mine changes basically daily because I work in shifts. I tend to get off home and hour before my starting time. So I wake up 3 hours before my starting time to wake up, take my time to leave bed, exercise and meditate. Half an hour is enough. Better do it as first thing In the morning as it'll put you in a good mood for the rest of the day and you could also have another session before going to sleep. I'm currently doing just 20-25 min yoga every morning.

Heraldo Z.
Sleep when you're dead. Also, wake up and workout first thing in the morning and set the time aside. If it's important to you it won't be a burden.

Patsy F.
I do have that sometimes as well but I know I will be back home by 7pm. That is my time to get into my evening routine and if I wasnt able to do my exercise in the morning, I do it in the evening. I normally only work out twice a week in the morning as I have the time on those days. The rest of the week I do it in the evening and on weekends I do it during the day. I hope this helps

Clara U.
I have the same problem. What I do is write myself a note reminding myself to do my workout as soon as I get home. Put the note in a prominent place.

Ma Lie E.
Exercising is almost the first thing that I do when I wake up. When I don't have time I try to exercise for at least 3 minutes.

Crispim Q.
Think about your schedule. What is the earliest you usually have to leave for work? What is the latest you return from work? Pick a consistent time to exercise using those times as a guideline. If the earliest you would leave for work is 6, do your workout at 5 every day, even on the days you don’t have to go to work so early. It’s incredible how changing the time you get up and get started with your day can change how much “extra” time you seem to have. On the flip side, pick a time in the evening if you’d rather. But make it the same time every day.

Gloria C.
I also have a varied schedule
I take every opportunity to stretch
In the shower getting dressed and so on
If you pick something up with one hand put it back with the other
Take the stairs, park further away or simply have a walking lunch

Astrid C.
I would recommend you to use situational cues. If you put your training clothes/ acessories in some specific space in your room then it will help to remember about exercising.

Tais S.
I honestly just must my exercise to the afternoon. It requires more discipline BUT I can leave work earlier when i get in earlier, which motivates me to devote the time to it in the evening.

Magnus N.
The best is to do something small. Don’t try to over complicate it. A few push-ups and some squats really help to tick the exercise box.

Sofia P.
Hi there! No worries, you are able to do your exercise everywhere, just find a couple of minutes to do your exercise and celebrate it!

Anna P.
If you try for little bits around what you are already doing: stairs instead of lifts, doing minute bursts in the morning; taking up a hobby is quite flexible. By taking up a hobby, it can also act as a reward for working hard.

Derrick C.
Exercise in the evening, if you can't then do it in the afternoon, if you can't go to bed a little early and wake up early as well. We make our time. Work should not become your life, it shouldn't take up all of your time, you MUST have time for family, you, exercise ant atc.

Rosalinde U.
Do it before you leave for work. Even though your schedule changes daily, you probably have some idea what tomorrow looks like.

Eduardo E.
Hi. I don't exercise in the first hour after waking but I prefer to work out on the morning. When I am up at 5am on a work day I have a few 10-20 min routines on my smartphone and a mat and a couple of dumbbells at work (or in the car) and I fit it in before a quick oats or smoothie breakfast, usually around 8am. Could you personalise a little plan like that that would work for you?

Sam Y.
If you are using a car try to leave it a little bit before home and walk to the market ir around the block…u can also take the stairs instead if the elevator 🙂

Duane Z.
Go with the 1min "just get moving" routine when you're busy – let's face it, you surely aren't too busy for THAT – and when you notice a bit more slack in your day try upping it to 8min or beyond.

Christina P.
I play volley ball. That gives me a lot of exercise. Mostly because I’m running across the coarse or running to div. we also have warmups to do. If it’s a day I don’t have volley ball I find time after all my home work is done.

Severin S.
It's always hard to get new good habits. And morning exercise as well. So we start with short quick exercise set, just 7 min a day. Even if you are freelancer you could start to liev by more persistent schedule.

Brad Z.
Make planning your next day part of your nightly routine. Design the day to include all your freelance work where required, then schedule your workout in the earliest slot possible. If your day is very full and simply doesn't have a long enough slot for a workout, schedule yourself 10-15 minute walks for your breaks, or make some calls or have meetings while you walk

Alexander T.
I'd find a time that's easier for you. I'm always busy in the mornings so I set aside half hour each night before I go to bed and do yoga. It helps me take away the stress from the day and it is good exercise. This may not work for you but moving things around to make life easier sure helped me

Marie Theres F.
Every time you got free time, use this time for improving yourself, and there are such habits what no recuire a lot of time like drinking water in the morning

Luis X.
I have a job that has me moving and lifting all the time. I am going try harder to work out before getting ready for work.

Charlene U.
Realize that without your body, your greatest companion, you could not do what you do. If you can’t control when your first meeting is then plan your week in advance and plug in time to exercise. Bring your workout gear with you and have fun with what you can program in.

Kristina H.
You work on shifts or changing times? If you cannot have a routine (earlier in the morning for instance) be flexible on planning: adapt the activities you plan according to the schedule but then be strict executing them. This means you have to do a pause ir exercise when planned, your health comes first.

Luzie E.
I don't, I'm not hard on myself. But I make working something I look forward to, so I make it a priority to fit it in wherever possible.

Noah Z.
Do you have a standard ritual which you do all the time?
Think of a space to put it between or think of a short exercise. Like I do push ups in the shower to finish two habits in one.
Be creative I'd say 🙂

Frida P.
I also work for myself, so my days change often. I guess there are two ways to deal with this.

1. If most / many of your days start the same – as mine do – stick to the same schedule on those mornings / days.
2. On days that differ from the above – commit to exercising for a certain amount of time every day & slot it into your schedule. Treat it as if it is a meeting. Make a firm commitment to doing it.

Finally, if you are a morning person & are determined enough, you can get up early every day & Just Do It !!!

Willie Y.
You can have a goal to exercise 5 times a week, it is still better than nothing. Or use gentle Yoga before bed as an alternative when mornings are too busy. Or even squeeze in the 1-8 minute version. Surely you always have 1 minute!

S Nio P.
Go with the flow. You can wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual and exercise. You can also exercise after work but I believe that's better to exercise in the morning to set the day for success. You see… If you start your day with acommplishing something you will get a massive boost to keep you going strong for the remaing day! If you make it a habit you will also get a fitter and healthier body and mind! I agree with Nike here… Just do it!!!