What do you prefer for exercise?

Bérénice Perez
I am a complete beginner to exercise so right now I am dealing super basic yoga. I am actually breaking you sweat. It makes me feel good to know that I'm doing something however small to increase my health and it's a building block for me. I feel that because I am in my earlyish forties just starting out with exercise that I am ensuring my body will not break down on me like I have seen in elders in my circle. I want better for myself and to exemplify better for my small children as well as my older children. And my husband thinks it's pretty hot that I'm doing something for myself. He's an athlete so it means a lot to him, and it means a lot to me to know he's proud of me. I'll stay power walk myself into running next..

Tilde Sørensen
Going to the gym with my mom. We are both motivated and confident. This keeps us committed and makes working out so much more fun. It’s like working out with your best friend.

Owen Moore
I prefer intensity, but relaxation too. Since football until meditation. I like the hardness but softness too. It's in my nature.

Ester Maiorani
It depends on the weather. If it’s not too cold outside I go for a walk or jogging. If it’s cold, raining ora something else that stop me doing it, I prefer stay inside and do some cardio or core workout😉

Denice Miller
I prefer group exercise. Even though there are many people there you are still working out for yourself. We get into groups for games and challenges. I love it because when you think you can’t go on they help to motivate you not to quit. Let me know if you want info. This program is located in southern and western states. Oh and we work out outdoors. Another plus.