Do you exercise before or after food? And if after, how long after it?

Sarah O.
If I eat before, then I have to wait about an hour or more before exercise. So I normally eat after and pretty much right after or 30mins after.

Samuel G.
I exercise after lunch but before dinner, preferably at least an hour after lunch to give food time to settle and preferably at least an hour before tea to allow time to get back home in time.

Hannah N.
I do it after. I find that I can’t really function until after I’ve had my morning coffee and I usually just end up eating my breakfast with it. So I tend to end up exercising anywhere from 30-60 minutes later.

Craig J.
I exercise before breakfast and before dinner. Particularly in the evening the Bodyweight routine can be tough and I’d be concerned about throwing up!

Gesche T.
I used to exercise with an empty stomach early in the morning but since it is getting colder. I'm doing it two hours after my breakfast.

Rosinalva P.
I always exercise before food as then I don’t get stitches or hickups and then my body learns to burn the energy that I already have stored (fat) and so when I eat my body then uses that fuel to reenergise my body and muscles for the day, but each person is different as some people need to have something to eat before or they get dizzy when exercising so always do what your body feels more comfortable doing.