How you manage to make exercise a habit?

Priscilla Q.
I previously had this habit but let work get in the way of it. When I restarted exercising the act of starting was the hardest thing to do but I promised my not too far in the future self would be grateful. Once started, the first week was difficult but then things became easier. I've now reformed the exercise habit and it's become much easier, and on those days where I fund go to the gym, I still manage a 30-60 minute walk. REALLY HELPS my overall well being!
H Lo Se Q.
Find an activity that you like. Something you genuinely enjoy, not just tolerate. If you start with something you truly love doing, it will not be as difficult to prompt yourself to do that thing. If you hate running but think you have to do that because someone said so, reevaluate that choice. Maybe you wouldn’t get out of bed for running, but you would totally get out of bed for yoga. Do that instead. Once you get into the habit it may become easier to incorporate exercises you want to do but maybe don’t enjoy quite as much, but start with something you love.
Julia Y.
I manage my exercise habits and food intake on my Fitbit app and also in my happy planner fitness planner. I find that I reference my Fitbit app throughout the day but use my planner to journal more details to my work out and food intake.
Dulcin Ia C.
We recently got a dog. For me it is the most pleasent way to start the day, taking him for a walk. It energizes me.

When the kids are in bed, before I go to bed, I do my Ashtanga yoga. That is tough, but relaxing at the and, so I can easily rest after.

Coline T.
Start small then slowly progress big. Like 10 push up, the a week or so later 20. Feeling yourself and stronger and stronger is motivation to do more and more.
Curtis Z.
Keep things simple. Baby steps. Start just doing 5 min walk, but make it a habit, then little by little add some intensity. Do not rush it, some day when you feel like it, maybe insted of ealking you run 5 min, then 6 min. Keep things easy but consistent
Emile F.
I give myself options! I put my yoga mat, kettlebell, and walking shoes by my bed so I can be flexible and less likely to skip exercise because walking doesn’t “sound good” that day
Philippe S.
To make an exercise a habit you first have to be motivated to do it, to follow it. You should always be mindful about the time you set for your exercise as it really affects the body. I would say that the time before or just when the sun rises is the best and exercise should always be light in the morning. If you are choosing a time after lunch and before dinner I would suggest that you eat a little less and keep it light and if your exercising 3 hrs after lunch then heavy exercise is the best, moreover exercise can become a habit if you are self derived to change yourself and your body. I hope you found this helpful.
Alison E.
I sit down once a week, usually Sunday and I schedule my exercise for the entire week. I sign up for my yoga classes and I put them in my calendar
Liara S.
I bought the Fitbit watch and it tells me every hour to move, you complete challenges and it keeps you motivated to keep moving.
Leslie C.
It was difficult for me. But I know that I am competitive. So I challenged my husband. Now to win I do it everyday and has become a habit
Storm W.
I find it easiest to do in the morning. I focus on exercise I can do at home without too much equipment. And I do it while everyone is still sleeping so I am not distracted.
Silje Y.
Start small. A few lunges or jumping Jack's. Slowly increase time period, duration of exercise, no. of sets in each exercise and no. Of exercises
Astrid G.
Start with something small. I don’t have a lot of energy due to my health but I still go for a five minute walk in the morning and do yoga for five minute as well.
Patrick C.
I hated push-ups. So,

When the band was setting up before a concert I did push-ups. Waiting for the train I did push-ups. When I was waiting for class to start I did push-ups.
Anytime I was bored or stressed, I did push-ups.

Soon push-ups weren't enough, and I looked for more exercises …

Ondina Q.
By making it simple to achieve — I consider exercise like any motion or action (one rep!) that shows I’m thinking about it and considering my body. And the more I do that the easier it is to do many reps.
Carmen J.
I love to exercise. I think you cannot make something a habit if you don’t love it.
And you should at least try to exercise a few times to understand that you love it, it makes you full of energy and ready for the day.
Just find your kind of exercise. Mine is running.
Jonas C.
First and foremost I choose exercises that I enjoy doing. I start with the easiest and most basic exercises and this gives me a starting motivation that few active minutes already passed. Having an app that notifies you daily to remind you to exercise and that offers a countdown timer for your daily routine is also very helpful. In the end, my health problems don't allow me to push the limits with too much effort, so my daily exercise routine does not seem to me like a burden, I mostly do Yoga.
Peggy E.
My morning exercise is a walk around the block every morning. On days it's raining I struggle to do my morning exercise. How do you exercise on rainy days?
Kelly T.
Start with the exercise you are most comfortable with for instance skipping and body weight exercises as soon as you get out of your bed
Dennis O.
Get yourself into a good flow by setting a definable goal for each day, especially if it’s something small. You will feel good for accomplishing doing it every day! From there you can build it up until you are challenging yourself! Each goal you reach will fuel you to continue!
Marsha E.
By improving each part of my morning routine, I will work in exercise around what I already enjoy. Then it will become part of an overall experience that I like, increasing the chances of it being carried out.
Nicole C.
I have used the app to help me create a routine in the morning. I start with drinking water, having breakfast, then I do a short exercise routine of about 6 different exercises. I try and keep the same routine for 1 week then change. It only goes for 5 minutes, everyone has 5 minutes.
V Nia C.
You just have to stay persistent and keep reminding yourself of the finish product and remind yourself of why you’re doing it. Keeping these in reminder will help you create more motivation for yourself to want to workout.
Rosa G.
I created a new, more specific program, I am going to the gym three times a week, telling myself that it wouldn't be more than 3 days, I try to exercise at home in the remaining days but however I don't feel like it I can miss it but I would never miss my workouts at the gym
Mathias A.
Sometimes I’m in a good groove. Sometimes I’m not. But, ALWAYS moving Either physically or mentally in a forward direction. Always be good to yourself. That is the true win for me. If you have lost the good groove, it will come back…especially if your good to yourself. Love, Me.
Frederik W.
Personally, I keep my goal in mind, how from a very young age I’ve been self conscious even though I have never been ‘fat’, I’ve always wanted a flat stomach and I keep how good I’ll look and how proud I’ll be once I achieve it, also the feeling that, wow I’ve actually done it, something good for me and my body makes me fell great.