What kind of exercise do you recommend me to do??

John T.
I do press ups, sit ups and a walk (or run) to work in the mornings. This is enough to get me ready for the day ahead but still achievable
Katy E.
Everyone is different with this sort of thing but I like to do a mixture of at home workouts from an app that I downloaded, running around 5k once a week and then going to the gym once a week where I do both and also some weights, but it's important to remember that if you're still going don't try for the heaviest ones because no matter how strong you are it can affect the structure of bones.
Leslie N.
Hello. If you have a bike then I genuinely suggest you go on a short or long bike ride around your neighborhood or a park if you can. I enjoy the breeze of wind that hits me when I ride my bike. It feels refreshing and almost calming. It makes me feel alive so this is my suggestion based on personal preference and experience.
Brian R.
Start with jumping jacks, and maybe some planks as well! Jumping jacks are a great warm-up, and doing thirty-second planks are great to start off with!! Then you can build from there 🙂
Ashley C.
The basics are always good to start with! Pushups, squats, and planks are always easy to do for a quick workout after waking up in the morning. And then you can eventually build from there with different variations of each once you perfect your form of the basics! Also, don’t forget to stretch. 🙂
Valentina Q.
I like doing yoga when I wake up. I feel that it works out your body while also allowing you to breathe and connect with yourself on a physical and mental level
Diane E.
I find it difficult to do long, hard exercise sessions on my own. In the mornings I prefer to do something simple, like stretching. Then, I arrange for classes or team sports activities for during the day – that way, there's a commitment I have to fulfill.
Ediane Q.
It depends on how physically fit you are feeling. If you feel determined enough you can do weights mixed with cardio. Otherwise just do something light
Gustav Z.
I do 8 minutes of intense work out every morning with an app and I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and have more energy for the rest of my work from home job and small family activities