How to quit some bad habit and stay out of it completely ?

Katrine F.
Make the bad habit harder for you to complete. Come up with an alternative and make the alternative thing more convenient in your life.
Jim T.
It's about your self discipline, recognizing your envious, and if the bad habit is worth continuing. For example, if you smoke or vape, and you work, is it worth it when you only have 15 or 30 minutes to get a lot of things done? Example: Using the bathroom, getting something to drink, eating a snack, putting on all of the heavy layers if it's cold out, going down and up several floors if necessary? Also, as far as your environment, focus on one at a time to quit smoking or vaping. Would you rather do it at home or at work? Then utilize your support and coping skills around your environment. Like only wear a nicotine patch in one of those environments for that length of time. Instead of just trying to quit all day, your focusing on one part of your day, then you can expand your changed healthy habit into the rest of your day when you are ready.
Rose Marie O.
I'd take it step by step. Quit for a day, then each day decide if you want to quit for that day. It will be easier to do than if you think it's "forever" and the habit of not doing it will start to build
Alberte X.
Baby steps helps a lot. A small, healthy habit you can pick up easily whenever you have the tick for the bad habit can work short term. For long term just remember who is going to appreciate you kicking this bad habit, especially yourself.
Colin P.
For me, I've found a motivation to quit smoking. But most effectively, I've committed to not drop by the store and buy cigarettes. I've also begun running again, I've used to run 5k everyday, now I get tire passed just 1k, but I've been making progress, today I lasted 2k haha.
Ang Le O.
In order to quit a bad habit, you first have to acknowledge that its bad. Then you have to notice Everytime you do it and stop yourself in the act. Eventually, once you start to convince yourself that it's a bad habit and force yourself out of it, then it will no longer be a habit, and simply a thought that disgusts you.
Isaac N.
1) All-or-nothing thinking is more likely to end in failure, so give yourself grace when you mess up, and then get back to breaking the habit.
2) Make the bad habit 20 seconds more difficult, or make a replacement positive habit 20 seconds easier.
Kitty U.
Try to think why you’re doing this bad habit. Is it because you are bored? Or stresses? Whatever the reason is, you should try to overcome it. If you are bored, try to do something that will keep you busy. And if you’re stressed, try to do something that will cheer you up. Every reason has an answer to it. Try to find it!
Amanda T.
Just start quitting it. Do it for one day. Then applaud yourself for that day. Keep doing it this way everyday. Take it one day at a time. Slowly a day will turn to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. But most importantly don't forget to congratulate yourself for your success daily.
Salvador U.
I have felt the loses from the habit, the need of change then I change the environment, get a support buddy or group and stay persistent. The most important thing is to feel the need, not the must.
Ninon C.
I’m beginning to see it as a lot of self reflection followed by some harsh inward looking to see what you can really achieve. Trash is not fun to be.