Do you think short exercise like 5 minute is enough? Or is it helpful?

Leana Q.
There is no such thing as too much or too little exercise- even a single push-up is enough if it is all you have time for and it keeps you motivated. An all-or-nothing attitude has been my downfall in the past when it comes to exercise (and eating): I was easily discouraged by not hitting my ambitious goal.
Arlene C.
I think that even 5 minutes can help, just make sure to move your body to keep it healthy and maybe in time you'd want to exercise for a longer time.
Nora Q.
Any movement is good, if you're currently at five minutes a day is all you can do, that's great that you got to it! It's definitely helpful. In fact, going from no exercise to just five minutes is the biggest jump you'll see on your journey. Don't feel like you have to do more in some amount of time like tell weeks either, do more when you can do more. That doesn't have to happen ever too!
Vivan C.
Anything is absolutely better than nothing. Even if it is for only 5 minutes. In fact, Tabata workouts are generally only 8 minutes. He was the forerunner of HIIT. If you can do high output (ideally heart rate 80-100% of max) for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest and then do that for 4-8 minutes, you will become a beast! Get a heart rate monitor, an interval
Timer, collect some exercises for a Tabata regimen, and unleash the awesomeness a few minutes at a time!
Christopher R.
It's not enough cos we need to progress to longer routines to challenge and improve our strength. But it is very much helpful to keep the blood flowing, help sweat out toxins, and stretch the muscles regularly 🙂 if five minutes is the best we can do every day for exercise, it's so much better than zero 🙂
Lucy N.
It helps me feel better about myself, that I'm now doing some exercise. I'm exercising more for mental health than physical, so it's enough for me.
Ivan C.
Yes, I've noticed more energy and vitality in my mornings. I've also noticed it's easier to move to a place of positivity during the day.
Alberte X.
I think it is a great start but it should not be a goal. I would recommend HIIT training if you are short of time. 20 minutes of that = hour of cardio. And that would be a worthy goal 🙂
Mitchell E.
If definitely is helpful. Because even 5 minutes of exercise is better than 0 minutes. Plus, you’re building the habit & routine of exercising. And as long as you’re doing that, you can progress from there.
Tammy T.
It’s a great way to start an exercise habit – because it reinforces the psychological habit without feeling overwhelming. Maybe after one week you could try for 7 mins.
Sebastian Z.
I think it is a good way to start. Better build your discipline with a daily 5 minutes than doing 50 min here and there and then not finding the time, etc.
Malthe N.
It starts a habit. My goal is to exercise eight minutes a day. I’m doing now 10 to 15 minutes. I was doing zero. I’m sure I am much healthier than I was. When small habits are mastered bigger habits seem more realistic. If you are disciplined enough to do 30 or 45 minutes a day go for it. Some of us have to start small.
Joselindo F.
It’s always helpful to move, it definitely doesn’t replace normal training, but if you are like me don’t do any regular trainings, at least 5 minutes of squats and pushups in the morning increase mood and make your day. Planks also work super cool, all the body works:)
Sheryl Q.
Even 5 minutes is helpful! Taking time to wake up your body, get your heart rate up, and move around helps to reframe the start of the day and get endorphins pumping. Of course more time moving is better, but for a change in habits it’s better to find 5 minutes to move than telling oneself “it’s not worth it.” It’s worth it.
Pedro B.
I think most of the days it can be enough especially if there is not much time to plan something more elaborate. It's also much easier to make myself exercise when I know it's just a few minutes of time. One skould not remain comfortable with planning just a few minute workout session all the time though, but push himself for more every time he has the time for it.
Ralph E.
I think five minutes bis enough to energise the mind and body, but not enough to make significant changes in the body composition (unless it is HIIT)
Alberte U.
Yes. It is a habit If u keep doing it. If you wait to have 20 minutes to start the new habit you may not start it for a while and so u have succeeded in procrastinating instead of starting. Starting is beginning, waiting is procrastinating.
Wayne N.
I think if you do something everyday it is better than doing it once a week but for a hour and it is way more better than do nothing. So yes. It is necessary to do sth everyday.
Tanise Q.
No it is not enough, but the only possibility for a lot of people because of the fantastic capitalism system in which we live in….
Larry S.
I absolutely think it’s enough! It’s not a marathon, but every step leads up to more miles under your belt. Some days I feel super motivated, and others I just do a round of 4 sun salutations, 5 ab crunches, and 5 squats and call it a morning! Any movement is so much better than just remaining stagnant, and it’s awesome that you made even 5 minutes time.
Mabel T.
It depends on your goals. If you goal is to be healthy, absolutely! To live a healthy active lifestyle, where your lifestyle incorporates small bouts of exercise throughout the day such as walking, biking, stretching, etc is good. Every little bit counts! If your goal is to lose a lot of fat or gain muscle, you will need to do more— probably HIIT and strength training for longer periods of time. But 5 minutes is definitely better than none, and even in five minutes you can: activate your flutes after sitting for hours; increase your heart rate and strengthen your heart; strengthen your lungs; and work out any stiffness or soreness to avoid injury.
Romy E.
5 minutes is a good start – if you don't have much time. Doing something is better than nothing and warming up your muscles is a good thing! If you feel like when 5 minutes are up and you're "not done" or just energised to do more, follow it. Otherwise it's good to just commit to making that small amount of time a habit.
Naja C.
It wakes up my brain and body, helps me let go of stress, and sets the tone for the day. However, if my goal was weight loss, or training for a sport or event, I'd probably need a longer more workout. I still find five minutes to be helpful, mentally and physically. Every little bit helps. Consider it a "warm up" for the rest of your day.
Zen Bia A.
Depends on your objective. To get into the habit of exercising, definitely! To become fit, no, but it's a good start, as it will help you be consistent and regular. Regularity is key and foundational, so definitely where you should start to get I to the habit of exercising.
Ivana G.
The most important thing to do is to build a habit so if you can do 5 mins a day then do it ! Do it everyday over and over again until it's second nature (about 30 days depending on the person) then worry about increasing the amount of time, reps,etc.

To sum up yes 5 mins will make a difference! Even 1 minute helps just stick to it and build the habbit that's what matters.

Benedikt A.
Yes, it is. Absolutely.
When you start with a 5 min aim, there is a very high possibility of you achieving your goal. A goal achievement is a solid boost to your efforts, as a result one goes on even after 5 min. This is a little trick for our mind. It works.
Francis E.
It's 5 min better that nothing. 1 minute is better than nothing at all. 5 minutes every day is 1,825 minutes a year… It adds up!
Alan X.
Yes, it is helpful. I started with 4-5 minute exercises for my first week or two, and now I can do a 20 minute exercise without thinking too much about it.
Loni U.
Definitely anything is better than nothing! However, I think that if you're going to do a shorter exercise routine, then it should be higher intensity
Anita G.
I think stretching for five minute or doing something intense to get the body is really motivating and makes you feel like you’ve achieved something
Sara G.
Yes. I think the answer is yes, because 5 mins of exercise is better than none at all. The most important thing, what I have read a lot about in mental agility trainings, is turning the experience into a conditioned response. If I wake up every day, have a cup of coffee and a banana and exercise for 5 mins, my body would automatically get into exercise mode the moment I wake up. I think that is what I would aim for rather than go for that perfect exercise routine, which I would excuse myself out of.
Josefo S.
Is a short five minute exercise session effective? Yes and no. Yes, I absolutely feel energized and positively motivated for the day just by getting my heart rate up in a short session. I get the boost of having accomplished a deliberate goal instead of making excuses, and that feels great too. In addition, I keep in mind that recent exercise science supports the value of short, intense activity over longer, nearly moderate sessions. On the other hand, no. No, five minutes a day isn’t the end game when it comes to building exercise and active living into a healthy lifestyle. So, I’ve stop thinking of my mini morning session as a replacement for all that. Instead, I value that five minutes for its own merits.
Karena A.
It's enough for a beginner or for someone who just wants to start their day energetically. For people who want to put some muscle on or lose weight, they of course have to start small like with a 5 minute excercise and gradually increase time and difficulty of workouts.
Willi J.
I think every little bit helps. Take for example going up a flight of steps versus using the elevator. That takes even less than five minutes! But, the health benefits have been documented frequently. Just getting the blood flow going gets the energy going too.
Vincent S.
I think any exercise is helpful. Perhaps look for HIIT workouts on YouTube- its what I’ve been doing the last week or so and after the first two days it becomes habit and easier on the muscles in terms of recovery, too!
Olaf U.
It definitely isn't enough to spark any significant change, unless you're doing 5 short 5 minute sessions throughout the day. Although to be honest exercise doesn't need to be more than 45 minutes a session, especially if methodologies such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) is incorporated.

Is it helpful? Of course it is, in that goals are best tackled in short tidbits. It could help you build that routine of squeezing a workout into your day. Then eventually transforming into a habit! I would say if you do just 5 – 10 minute sessions do make sure to be extremely strict with respect to maintaining your form as textbook as possible.

Evelyni E.
Absolutely! I think that any exercise, even 5 minutes, can have a dramatic impact on your overall health. And starting small will help with establishing a routine that you can build upon and lengthen when you’re ready.
Lucas C.
While the American Heart Association recommends 30 a or more per day, some movement is better than no movement at all. I think whatever time one can put towards exercise is great. You can easily park further from the store and take the stairs for more movement throughout the day.
Eli C.
If you’re in great shape, a stretch and dash up a few sets of stairs is a good thing.
But, as you get older, if you don’t maintain your muscle power with regular extended exercise, you’ll lose it!
And- if you’re not in great shape, a five min exercise stands the chance of your getting hurt!
Rodney P.
It absolutely is helpful! Even five minutes of exercise breaks the cycle of sitting/not moving at all, and it's incredible how positively this small effort effects your body and mind.
Al Xia T.
Any movement is helpful. Sitting still all day is not. If you can tolerate only five minutes of exercise it has increased your blood flow, prevented clots in the extremeties and best of all – made you happy because you accomplished something.
Not all of us are athletes 😏
Roxane T.
Yes. Focus on "Beginning any exercise" not the duration. A little is WAY better than NOTHING. The key is to START any exercise. Even for 5 mins at a time. It is beneficial.
Lois Q.
Yes, anything that gets your body moving will help keep your body healthy and make you feel that little bit more positive, not just from the endorphins you release but also because you’ve achieved something!
Alyssa F.
Yes, any exercise is better than none! I started off doing a 6 minute yoga video that was mainly a restoring inversion pose (little effort) and I left like I was cheating my exercise but that’s silly. Anything is better than none! But keep striving for the 8 minutes 🙂
Sophie E.
Yes! I often do a short 5-7 minute bit of exercise when I just can't face my usual half hour. Sometimes I feel great enough to do more after that, but I always give myself permission to stop. has some great short videos to choose from and you can use time as a search option.
Eggert O.
It is helpful. I noticed myself by using the 7 minute exercise how badly out of shape I was. Knowing it was only seven minutes of my day gave me no valid excuses for not completing it each day. Also, because of it short duration I was able to feel the progress in my body after just a week. Simply, i wasn’t as tired and exhausted like I was when I had first begun. I was able to complete more reps than I could originally as well. It’s a great tool to help feel accomplished, and see progress. It’s enough to keep you continuing to want to exercise.
Mary Y.
The exercise I like is usually a longer time commitment, however reminders that you can do something active even if it's for 5 minutes is helpful to reframe the way I think about excercise as a whole.
Craig U.
It is always helpful and it’s always better than nothing. And if it helps you ingrain an exercise habit, great! If it’s enough maybe not. Try the 7min workout session in the app when you have a couple more minutes.
Magnus P.
A think that a hardcore ab workout or arm workout could be effective in five minutes.. just as long as you really only target one thing for the entire five minutes.. I don’t think five minutes is enough for a whole body workout.
Sixto Z.
It’s enough at the start, everyone has to start somewhere. 5 minutes can turn into 6,7,8,9 and so on. Before you know it, if you persevere you will be exercising for 20 or 30 minutes.

The key is to really exercise for those 5 minutes. So it can build up. Little steps

Anne Rose N.
I think anything is better than nothing. Sometimes just squeezing in a 5 min yoga sequence can really change my whole day, and that's better than just not doing anything.
Suzanne J.
Personally I don't think only five minutes is enough. But, what about five minutes in the morning, five minutes before lunch, five minutes in the late afternoon, etc? And five minutes is always better than no minutes at all. Do whatever you can, whenever you can. Walk for five minutes. Park your car further than normal away from your destination, use the stairs when you can, walk briskly to go get lunch, lift your filled market bags as if you were doing curls, stretch at your desk… there are all kinds of things you can do! Our bodies stay supple and pain free when we move them. Happy exercising!
Liam J.
You have to start somewhere, right? I’m not much of a morning person so a full workout when I first wake up isn’t for me. But 5 or 10 minutes stretching first thing does make waking up a lot better. Usually I start my stretches in bed and make my way out of bed through my routine.
Marlis X.
It is infinitely more than no excercise. Don't let the lack of time discourage you. After you’ve built a habit and those 5 minutes are automatic, you will feel the urge to add something more. If you are asking this question, then it is enough for you. And that's 👌 You are doing more than someone who doesn't exercise at all. Be patient! 🙂
Amy J.
Hello, although 5 mn would be more of a warm up, any minute you exercise is better than none. To keep motivated try not to make it complicated for yourself, and do something you like. You wanna walk, walk. You wanna dance your heart out for 5mn while vacuuming. Hit your dancefloor. Just move and enjoy the process!
Ga Tan Z.
I think 5 minutes is the perfect amount to tell yourself, in reality it's often going to be more than this once you get started. It's a lot easier to start something when it seems like an easy thing to achieve.
Leonhard Q.
I believe that a short 5 minute excercise is helpful. It is a good starting point and you can add more time to your choice of excercise when you feel ready. I’ve read that it is better to start off with a few minutes as you are more likely to stick at it rather than aim for too much too soon, it becomes a chore then the excercise is given up.
Alberto U.
Anything is better than nothing. That 5 minutes burns more calories and raises tour energy level when laying in bed another 5 minutes would do nothing. Any activity level is a win when compared to being sedentary.
Margita U.
Voor dagelijkse routine is het genoeg, daarnaast 2 tot 3 dagen nog sporten in gym of wandelingen, fietsen maakt het completet
Michael W.
I have found that 5 minutes is always better than no minutes ; )

I started exercising at 7 minutes a day. It worked because it was a short enough time that I couldn’t tell myself that I didnt have time for it. The important thing is to do SOMETHING every day. Eventually it will become a self-sustaining habit and your body will look forward to those daily sessions.

Over time, I added more exercise time or sessions but I still 5-10 minute breaks (walking, stretches, etc) helpful in the middle of the day.

Gerv Sio A.
5 minutes brisk exercise can help to energise me fora while.
5 minutes slow mindful walk can calm my mind and mute repetitive thoughts.
5 minutes exercise is not an overwhelming goal – and can then make it easier to do more exercise.
Allie E.
Anything is better than nothing. It gets the habit started and over time you can increase what you do. They key is a consistent habit.
Lilly N.
I think that 5 min exercise is not enough, but it depends which kind of exercises. I tend to do minimum 15 min in the morning
Naomi T.
5 minutes is much better than nothing. It would give you enough time to do a few squats, lunges and sit-ups to improve your strength.
Getting into any habit however short is a good start. Once you’re in the habit you can start to increase the duration.
Brandy F.
It depends on your body. Like for me, my body responds to longer and intense workouts. It might work for you. Give it a try
Asta C.
I think it is very helpful, it help jumpstart your day, or reset your mind. Every little thing is one more step than you made before and one step closer to your goals!
Jo O.
Only if it is a high intensity exercise. Say do 45 sec planks with 15 secs rest… Any cardio for 5 minutes I thinks is not enough
Luna Z.
Yes! In the beginning 5 to 10 minutes is best. Time will increase when you’re ready to increase the time you spend on exercise.
Hannah C.
Yes, it’s both healthy in itself (far better than nothing), and it sets you up for more consistently working out and for building up to longer workouts. It’s always worth it!
Alban X.
The secret is to start small and increase gradually. If you are doing 5 minutes a day just with the goal of keeping yourself moving to improve your humor then it is good enough. But as soon as those 5 minutes become too easy, try increasing the duration or intensity of your training. On the othet hand if you are looking to loose weight or change your body shape or metabolism then you should consider adding to those 5 minutes a day another 1 or 2 hours a week of more specific training. For me 10 minutes every morning do the trick and then I walk 20 minutes per day and have dance classes once a week. So I am a very good shape.
Paul X.
I think it is helpful for establishing good habits. And it is better then nothing.

I don’t think how long you excerise matters as much as the quality of the exercises.

Arlene N.
I prefer short exercises. That way i wouldnt feel the burden of a 15-30 minutes exercise which discourages me ( personal opinion)
Baptiste Z.
It absolutely is for me. I have a hard time sticking to an excersis routine. I usually start a new routine and stick to it a couple of weeks then stop. Five minutes excersis in the morning guarantees that I get my body moving. Once I have the habit strong and set in stone, I'll lengthen the sessions
Leroy S.
I usually make more than 45 min exercise, lifting. However on some resting days i make shorter exercises, so it is good for that kind of days. Don't worry you be good keep working
Adna N.
I think it is not enough but it is certainly helpful. 5 is much better than zero and consistency is the hardest thing. So, if you exercise 5 minutes every day it is much better than 2 hours a month.
Ella S.
5-minute exercise is really good for the beginning as you can do it whenever and wherever you want. And you can stick it with your morning or night routine.
Julia W.
Yes I do think a short exercise is enough. It is okay if that is all you can manage to do, at least you did something. Even doing 5 push-ups is better than doing none at all. It is about the feeling it is supposed to give you.
Fausta I.
If haven't completed an exercise routine in more than two months a five minute exercise will be more than enough. In general, any exercise is better than no exercise at all. 😁
Zbigniew U.
It definitely is in my opinion! No matter the length of the excercise, it matters building it as a habit, if you manage to do it daily you will be able to increase the time or the intensity. So go ahead and use those 5 minutes as best as possible 🙂
Alvin Y.
Anything you do out of your normal routine IS helpful. Remember small changes lead to lasting changes. I started an exercise app that I feel works at a similar pace as this does. I have lost an inch off my waistline 1.5 off my thighs and about .5 off my arms. It started off with 5 mins of a workout. I am up to 12 mins. Through the course of the plan. 5 mins…. can change your life! Be well!! SRC🌹
Clenira C.
I do short bursts of 1 minute of star jumps 1 min of squats, 1 min sprint on spot, back to squats then star jumps with about20-30 sec rest in between. I think it’s great in the morning because I feel energised and I have used my large muscles and increased my heart rate and it’s over in 10 minutes. A fast walk or run in the afternoon is good for me when I actually do it to clear my head
Crystal E.
Try at least one circuit of 7 minutes workout. You can install the 7 minute workout app. To start with, one circuit will be good. You can increase the circuits as you go further.
Jocelei Q.
Sometimes you just need to do a little. It's okay not to be able to run a marathon on your first day and it's okay if your best is getting out of bed.
Felecia O.
Any exercise is better than no exercise. By a mile. Sure, the goal is to eventually move more, but if 5 minutes is today’s reality, that is better than zero minutes. Go you!
Sophia Y.
Yes. For me it’s hard to find motivation to exercise so the way when I need to start with five minute and step by step extend this time is perfect ☺️
Laurete T.
Yeah i think it is enough specially in the morning because it makes me feel energetic and not sleepy. I prefer to do exercises for a long period in the afternoon because i have more time for this. So for now 5 min in the morning is enough for me because I'm really overwhelmed and busy this period and i have no more time to give for exercises but they are giving me energy and I'm more motivated.
Valdete N.
5 minutes or more is helpful & needed by your body for your health. That will help you to have the stamina. And help the body function properly including the brain & another vital organ.
Flor Ncia P.
Depending on the intensity of your workout 5 minutes may be a substantial amount. Walkikg for five minutes is a good start, while running for a sustained five minutes makes a larger impact.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an example of a work-out that generally is less than 15 minutes but tend to complete exercises or target an area sufficiently.

Otfried Z.
Adding any exercise into your life where it never existed before is always better than nothing. I believe 5 minutes of exercise is better than none, as long as you start somewhere. The best of anything, exercise as a great example is when you challenge yourself. If it comes too easy, you aren’t pushing yourself enough and therefore going to remain in the same situation you are in whether you are looking to tone up or lose weight. My own personal experience with exercise has always been pure hatred for it. I didn’t like being out of breathe or having my whole body sore after. Recently I found what most people talked about, and that is, once you get past the few difficult time, when you feel like 5-10 minutes of a tough workout may just make your heart explode, it gets easier and the endorphins kick in. Each day you get almost addicted to the way it makes you feel both powerful and good. Start at the pace you can, push yourself to do just a little more than that, and then increase slowly as your abilities allow. This is how to fall in love with exercise!
Daria R.
Short exercises can be helpful especially if you are starting out. But, it's best to allot a longer amount of time to working out if you want to see better results. Time alloted to your health is never a waste anyway.
Marika R.
It’s a start, which is the hardest part. Once you get into a rhythm you’ll be able to go for longer and see that giving time to it is actually helpful.
Adolf U.
Studies have shown short workout to be ss effective as long workout. Intensity of the workout for short duration needs be high.
Chaiane C.
Of course, every chance you get to excercise is a chance well taken, no matter Jos long you do this. Even jumping for just one minute is better than doing nothing.
Olivia W.
It is helpful, even better for begin with, but after a week, will be more effective if starts to put more time and dedication on it.
Julia Z.
They are better than nothing. Those exercises can wake your body up in the morning. And theyare useful for beginners. For those who has greater aim 5 min is not enough.
Liva N.
Generally speaking, the more physical activity and movement the better, but 5 min is great if you aren’t doing anything. Start small. Eventually build in another 5 min during the day. Also, look at increasing the intensity of exercise, and remember to warm up your heart and other muscles!
Julie Z.
I think that as long as you do something that gets your heart pounding you're good. I run up and down my bedroom stairs at least five times every day. That gets my heart rate up and me feeling more awake.
Marie A.
5mn is still better than 0. What is important here is which exercise you do with 5mn. In Asia we have a very famous exercise call Qigong which means respiratory training. It is a combination of breathing, movement and meditation at the same time. With only 5mn practicing Qigong everyday, your body and mentality will get better
L Andre P.
No it isn’t enough because your body doesn’t have any time to respond to such a short stimulus. 5 minute warm up, 20 minutes exercise, 5 minute cool down. That’s short but effective .
Astrid C.
Absolutely, positively, YES YES YES. People are way too extreme these days in the way they approach things. If you’re not moderate,
you’ll have unsustainable expectations that are impossible to maintain without sacrificing other important aspects of life that should not be sacrificed. Keeping up on habits is way more important than trying to emulate a fitness guru once or twice and then never again. It’s the habits that stick with us and that we are able to keep doing over and over that matter and that shape our lives, not just one time actions. And keeping them simple creates an attainable baseline that you can build on, but also return to if you are having a more difficult day.
Martin Z.
Yes, any amount of exercise is great if you do it consistently. Just intensive movement can make you feel more relaxed and confident. Putting just the habit of exercise in place allows you to later extend (if you so wish so,) the amount of exercise and helps creates consistent mornings which your body will love you for. In the case that you would like more results in those few minutes, you can look up HIIT trainings, they’re great at weight loss and getting fit, and they can definitely get you drenched in sweat if you take on a challenging one. Good luck and have a great day!
Amalie F.
I’m more advanced at this moment. I do about an hour of exercise so I don’t find the 5 recommended minutes very helpful.
Liva Z.
Something is always better than nothing, however small. The person talking a short walk is still lapping those on the couch!
Joan Z.
Committing to a short time to exercise is far more doable and you won’t risk the sense of failure. Even light stretching for 5 minutes will limber you up for your day, awaken your muscles to be more engaged, and get your blood flowing around you body.
Zaira F.
I always excercise in the morning, even if only for a few minutes, just to get my blood flowing. The idea is to start small. I started out at 5 minutes and I now average 25-30 minutes per day.
Josefine C.
Yes I think short exercises are great. It’s better than not doing anything and with only 5 minutes, there really isn’t an excuse. Even 5 minutes of walking or stretching is helpful and a great foundation to build on