I have problems where in the evening I crave carbs. It makes me dread evenings. Any tips?

Aryan G.
You can start with small nutrients like eating oats in evening or lite breakfast in evening or you can drink some coffee which will make you fresh
Nehal W.
You don't have to dread in the evening I also have cravings but you need to make sure that eat the right thing and the right amount I for example you have to eat a lot chocolate you can eat a small amount and that's it but if you like resisted a lot that you create more and then at the end you eat a lot and then so don't ignore your cravings have them but in an adequate amount.
M N.
Yea! That is a very understandable problem to have and I definitely relate. Truthfully, I have only been able to stop once I got on medicine to control my ADHD. And I have also been in counseling. And I say these things because I think the key is figuring out what the problem is. Why do you crave carbs? Why do you feel you can’t stop. What is it that is preventing you from stopping? Also, practicing mindfulness has helped a lot too. So that way when I am in that situation I am able to pause and ask myself what I am feeling and if this decision is congruent with what I really want.