Best 7 minute exercise?

Christine O.
The best 7 minute excel use is yoga, not only does it make you active, it calms you down and brings you back to your center.
Eloane E.
Yoga routine that’s guided either from audible, YouTube or you can make one up. If you’ve never done yoga just stretch and move your body around in a way that feels nice
Willie A.
Try nike training app, it has 5 or 10 or 20 minute exercises. You can work whichever part of your body. It is excellent short and intense based on the ability.
Randy O.
Following a short yoga sequence on youtube. You don't need a yoga mat or exercise clothes. Just so it on your floor, in whatever you are wearing.
Lisa N.
I have starting doing HIT which gets your heart rate up fast.. then I do less exercise. I like skipping, lunges and sit ups because I feel results.
Lea P.
First few minutes are good for stretching to get your body ready for the rest of the exercise. Then I would do a few reps for the rest of the time: sit-ups, squats, and do on. I usually go for some push-ups as they really make you use your whole body.
Wanda G.
I have a poster of movements to do on my balance ball and that usually takes me anywhere from 7-10 min. And I also like to refer to YouTube and search under 10 min workouts. I have found these two things helpful
Dario I.
I like to get on my exercise bike or do some YouTube videos if the weather not great, but if I get the chance I love to go out for a jog. Listen to some music and just go