What exercise do you think is best to start the morning?

Leo C.
It depends very much on what you do and how fit you are. The important thing for me is that every routine should start with some jumps before going out in the cold.
Zeineb W.
I usually use an app for home exercises each day and before that I started doing some stretching. Using an app that tells you each day what to do makes it easier for me.
Marico Y.
For me breathing and stretch exercises. As they are not that heavy to do and relaxing. Waking up with a calm mind will get you a long way to conquer the day!
Tilde U.
I prefer running, running for 10 minutes wakes you up moves the blood all over you're body, and gives you a kik off for you're day. If you ran out side youll have some beautifull views, fresh air, and new frends to say Hi to. It also helps you commit to the mornrng shower and not get lasy on it.