How do you warm up before a gym session? I warm up by doing light 5-minute cycling then some dynamic stretches. How bout you?

Alberto F.
Normally I either start out with lunges or a slow run on elliptical. I used to have a more formal program of dynamic stretching but I got out of the habit.
No Lie T.
Yes I think that is perfect way to get set up for a gym session. It is a great way to warm up I also do the same cycling for a brief 5-7 minutes. I would also suggest some breathing exercises to ready your body of the exercise to come.
Mikkel N.
It depends: if I’m going to do ballet/dancing in general I’m gonna do a dynamic warmup, which consists in a lot of leg, hip and feet work (also balance, back stretch,..). If I do a workout I also start with a dynamic warmup but something like Frankenstein/soldier walks, high knees, runs, hamstring stretch,… .
Isabella E.
I usually Jog to the gym and when I reach there I do full body stretching. I start my gym workout by doing pull-ups and other light workouts before going strong!
Mila Y.
I stretch and then start by walking on the treadmill on a high incline. Then I decrease the incline and increase the speed to a jog and I’m ready for my workout.
Fiete J.
I love doing Sun Salutations, which are short groupings of yoga poses designed to increase heart rate, warm muscles, and improve focus! If you’re interested, a quick internet search will help you get started. I do:
3 Sun Salutation A
2 Sun Salutation B
1 Sun Salutation C
James T.
I shake my body so it feels like I'm shaking off my sleepiness and tiredness especially when I didn't have a good night's rest.
Jennifer E.
I warm up with some basic yoga moves to get my stickiest parts moving and my spinal cord moving and core engaged. I should definitely include qsome cardio warm up too!
Line E.
I like to do the seven minute workout that comes with the Fabulous app. If you add exercise as one of your habits and launch that habit in the fabulous app it will guide you through the seven minute workout. It is a high intensity workout that involves a series of exercises which do not require equipment, and you use your bodyweight. It’s both cardio and strength combined. Also if you search dynamic warmup stretches in YouTube there are many different routines.
Daryl C.
I start from the head and work my way down. First, neck rolls, then shoulder rolls, back slaps, and all the way down to leg swings and ankle rolls. Then, I do a few shallow squats and shallow lunges to get my heart rate up a bit more before I take off down the track.