I’m struggling to include exercise in my morning routine. I set my alarm but I don’t get up when it goes off, then I run out of time getting the kids ready for school and stuff. What can I do?

Phillip U.
It's important to me to set up my excercise space the night before, when getting ready to sleep. Clearing the area, setting out my yoga mat etc etc. Even if I can't do my excerise as soon as I wake up, I have my excercise materials in my way if I want to use my desk etc later that day.
Liz J.
I would try setting a bunch of consecutive alarms so that they're constantly going off until you get up, and putting your phone across the room at night so that you have to get up to turn the alarm off. Hope this helps!
Jennifer J.
I find that what deters me from getting out of bed in the morning is 1) lacking a simple reason to leave my bee, and 2) dreading the inflated amount of effort I will have to exert after getting out of bed. So simplify things for yourself by 1) giving yourself a rewarding and simple thing to leave your bed for like drinking a glass of water on the other end of the room, and 2) committing to a quick and simple exercise, like a 60 second wall sit (you can slowly increase the amount of exercise you do)
Lunilum N.
I also struggled with getting out of bed when the alarm went off so I started using an app that forces me to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. For example with 'alarmy' one can set to turn off the alarm by scanning a barcode. I chose to scan a barcode on a product in the bathroom so I can easily start getting ready. Washing up gets me more awake as well so I don't really feel like going back to bed as much either.
Loan P.
Try to get the kids to pack the bags and pick out what to wear the night before, get an easy breakfast you can feed to them and yourself and if you can make it the night before do it but to get the workout done try to find a short workout that fits your routine and if you can't finish the workout because you don't have time don't stress you are still doing something and that is also a start
Riu Q.
I used to struggle with this, and honestly I still struggle with it! But I did a pre-alarm. So 30 minutes before I got up, my alarm would go off as a mental warning that I have to get up soon. In the beginning I had an alarm at 30 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes before I got up. Also, I don’t commit to every day. I tell myself everyday is not possible right now, so if I can do it 3 days a week then it’s better than before. Baby steps! If it helps too, it took me a few weeks to REALLY get consistent. New habits take time, and there will be good weeks and bad weeks!
Patryk X.
I have the same problem. Maybe you should go to sleep earlier. Or wake up 10 minutes earlier on first day, after week make it 20 minutes etc.