What exercises to you do? I hate the cold so find it exceptionally hard to go outside at the moment, and when I do I’m grumpy about it, so need some POSITIVE re-enforcement at the moment! Thanks!

Marvel Q.
I'm currently doing 10 minutes HIIT. I downloaded a YouTube video by Mr & Mrs Muscle and it has 4 exercises that you repeat 4 times. I want to keep it up for at least a week, then move to another.
Another thing that keeps me motivated is I told my best friend about my plan to work out every morning. So I have to report to her every morning about my workout if not I risk having her post some real embarrassing pics on social media. Being a workout fanatic herself, she is so excited that I'm on this journey and she encourages me.
You could try that. All the best.!
Marina Q.
You can do them at home. Search home workouts on YouTube, there's tons of them – no equipment, too! Try fitness blender acc on YT.
Tabetha Z.
In the morning, before breakfast is literally an workouts in bed haha and then after breakfast that’s when I go for an hour walk when I’m all ready and awake so it’s not that bad. Think of it as really relaxing and a place to release everything bad from you. Usually that’s all I do for the morning unless I have more energy hahahaha
Kathryn Q.
I have stretches that I have to do to help my back and knee, which I do everyday. I also do a walking workout inside, YouTube have some great videos to help.
Isabella P.
I like to go walking or runing… it makes me feel free besides I seeing the trees, flowers, dogs and sunset… and I enjoy listening to music while I’m walking or running… it’s the perfect way to start my morning
Annie A.
I have almost zero room in my house to exercise, so I do it in a very restricted space (I take up about as much space as a cheap yoga mat). My main focus for now is getting in better shape, with 0$, so I gravitate to workouts that use my body weight. I'll do things like inchworm, donkey kicks, mountain climbers. Do a quick google search and you'll find a ton of ideas for each muscle group. I chose things that will be easy on my joints, and a full body workout takes me about 25 min. I usually do it outside, even if it's raining a bit or if it's cold, and then go iside, have a nice shower and a warm cup of coffee. This helps keep me going when I'm cold and miserable outside 🙂
Kuno U.
Yoga and stretches, and sometimes aerobics/cardio – just do it inside, but may be near window to feel outside. But just do it!
Elizabeth U.
Well I would say try and brave the weather but I know how hard that is when it's horrible and freezing cold or raining! On days like that I like to put on some loud, motivating music and dance around the house! (I recommend nostalgic, guilty pleasure music- the more cringe the better😂- I listen to Little Mix, Abba, anything that gets you moving)
Ma Line O.
Sometimes I just do some stretches or some simple leg workouts in my bedroom, and once it warms up I like going for walks down the street or sometimes even in a park