How long does it take you on average to start exercising in the morning from the time you wake up?

Terri J.
Forever. Not a morning person. I finished today at 12:30. I consider letting myself wakeup first how I decrease my activation energy.
Alberto Z.
Within 5-10 minutes. Best to have the clothes, space or equipment ready the night before so you can jump straight in with minimal effort. Take a moment to appreciate the world when you wake up, so it's a positive start to the day rather than being rushed/stressed
Rahul Q.
After wake up at 5 :30 AM.
I do some breathing exercise for 5 -7 minutes than I do some exercises of body to activate. It takes 10 minutes. After that i go to field and do 15 – 30 minutes running and afterwards a exercise to relax muscles.
Nelson O.
Hmmm it depends. The earlier I rise the more likely I am to get through my morning meditation, writing and review. I am then ready to do some short bursts of movement to launch me into the day. If I get started late on the routine and bleed into 8 or 9 am, I lose momentum. So the trick is to wake up a bit early and get going. Also I need to put on my workout clothes to Single to my brain that I will be exercising. If I put on regular clothing I’m less likely to keep the commitment.
Violet W.
About 15 minutes after getting up, I start simple stretching excercises at home. Before that, I wash my face and drink a glass of water.