How do you floss?

Elina Barbosa
I use a floss stick with dental tape, and the hook end on the tool, allows me to remove debris before flossing. After flossing I always rinse.
I must be doing something right as my dentist always compliments me.

Connie Bell
I use Oral B floss sticks, starting at the back top working left to right then bottom right to left, slowly moving it in a sew saw metion between each tooth snd trying not to aggravate the gums.

Pearl Harvey
I use the thinnest possible wooden tooth picks I can buy. Then after I brush my teeth i lie in my bed and listen to music. I take a tooth pick and start with the furthest back spaces between my teeth (the tooth pick will break when i do this at the end)

Then I move 10 times in two directions in every space, massaging my gums.

Takes about 5 to 7 minutes.

Samantha Nichols
I have made it part of my bed time routine and it’s the last thing I do before going to sleep. I attempt to do as good of job as the hygienist by getting between each tooth on each side up to my gums

Julie Jørgensen
I have trouble with strings of floss and my finger dexterity so I use tooth pluckers (plastic with floss in the middle) to make flossing easier and more convenient. The convenience removes a major barrier for me to floss daily.

Lola Ward
Prima passo il filo interdentale poi spazzolo per almeno due minuti con lo spazzolino elettrico su tutte le arcate della bocca