How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you’re really not feeling it?

Christopher E.
I joined a ladies fitness group that meets three times a week and after our Saturday session we go for Coffee. This helps to build community and makes us want to see each other and keep each other accountable. We also have a private FB group.

On the days I'm not there or can't make it I do one of the exercise programmes on Fabulous or at least the 10 minute stretch in the morning.

Julie E.
Usually I exercise before I eat a healthy breakfast, but on those days when I wake up and think of exercising and feel "ugh", I will drink my water, put music on to get in the mood, make my breakfast, then I'll start with just walking, every time I do that I always end up doing my routine afterwards.
Brigitte Q.
I bought a good bicycle to go to work after I lost my motorbike. So I do exercise 1.5 h every day 45' in the morning and and 45' in the evening. Because I have go to work so I have to ride bike even when I don't want to.
Clara A.
I start by taking a deep breath in count to 4 then release breath, I do three times. By doing this it relaxes me clears up any pressure thinking about exercises. I drink a glass of water then I start to feel better doing 4 minutes of stretching exercises.
After doing them I feel energized.
Gino F.
Sometimes I punish myself and tell myself I am fat.
Sometimes I just leave it like that and don't exercise.
Sometimes i exercise at home, but when i do not, i ride my bike between 10-30 km
Jackson E.
Its hard to do that, but if you think of something positive that you wil do after you exercise its a little bit easyer to do it.
Maria W.
Often times, the main reason I don’t want to exercise is because I didn’t get energized enough. So I drink some water and eat some almonds then I’m ready for anything. However, sometimes this doesn’t help. I’ve learned that another great way to motivate myself is by creating exercise routines based on tv shows and movies I like to watch. NCIS, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, Riverdale, etc. It keeps me moving while watching something that keeps me entertained!
Lothar Q.
A. Music.. Put the most uplifting song and start dancing B. My goal.. The result is going to reward me at the end C. I take as a challenge, like a difficult level in a game or a problem to solve at work and D. Remember.. It is only a decision. Take it and done! Good luck!
Lia Z.
You have to find the ‘right mood’ to exercise. If you tell yourself that you want to do something, your body believes you. Also, think of the result that exercising will have.
Yvete Z.
Sometimes you’re just not feeling it. Ask yourself why. Are you in pain? If no then is it a mental issue? Maybe you have something you’re thinking about that you need to take some time to address. Give yourself permission to skip a day and don’t beat yourself up over it. Maybe find a exercise partner who can encourage you on a off day to just try and you can do the same for them. My personal favorite is I almost always feel better afterwards so I let myself chase that feeling. Best of luck to you and keep going forward.

Parcidio A.
When I’m not feeling motivated, I’ll either spend the time strengthening my motivation, or I’ll do very, very light exercise.
Angie Z.
I tell myself it’s okay to not push myself as hard, but I still have to go. Usually if I start, i’ll Get into it and do what I planned, but even if I don’t I keep the habit and it’s better than nothing.
Nilda Q.
That’s a toughie. I am trying to listen to my favorite podcast only when I’m exercising. I set up an oval walking track in my living room and around the dining room table and put on upbeat music. I make it easy for myself by not having to a gym
Sasha N.
I find that music and a certain way of thinking help me to get started and stay that way. I call this sort of thought my off switch, because I ignore everything in my head except for one thought or idea, and sort of subconsciously get ready for a task. If I wake up really down, I start thinking of a song about all the things I like, and kind of incorporate what's dragging me down too. Example; I like sunshine, sunflowers and Oreos! I don't wanna study cause math really blooows.
I know it's really dumb, but being a robot with a distraction is often the best way for me to go about anything. Hope this helps, if not you can imagine a 4'11 20 year old female veteran singing about Oreos and not wanting to do her homework. We're all still little kids no matter how old we get…
Leonhard B.
When I’m really not feeling it, I try to do it just for 1 minute.

Doing just for 1 minute is very easy to start, and sometimes it leads me to do some more.

I hope you can make it.

Emily P.
I have a daily reminder on my phone that reminds me to loose weight and belly fat before school reopens. That motivates me to exercise daily.
Anna X.
I try to act as my kung fu master would. He knows I would be happier if he forced me to exercise more, because he is the best part of myself when it comes to go beyond what I think are my physical limitations. So I summon a kind of a copy of him in my head and let him take the flying stick for the time needed… resorting to someone better than you in doing something is always a good option, even as a virtual person!
Jean Y.
I think about how I will feel afterwards. If that still doesn't work, I coax myself into it by saying to myself, "Just do one minute of anything." Then, I just keep adding minutes. It works!
Martha E.
I do something that I enjoy doing. Exercise doesn't have to be the same routine day in amd day out. In fact, your body will eventually get used to the same routine and it'll stop working for you. So, when I'm not really feeling motivated to exercise, I just play. Move in whatever way feels good to my body. It doesn't have to make sense or flow from one movement to the next. What matters is moving your body. Once you start moving, you're gold.
Camila Q.
Loud music and start with something that feels natural like just dancing or stretching until you get into it and are able to push yourself to work out
Rachel C.
On the days when I leave the gym feeling great I pause to acknowledge how I feel and how far I’ve come, then I make a mental reminder of that moment so that I am already equipped to fight the thoughts that try to derail me. Soon those moments add up and I have an arsenal at my command to support my healthy choices.
Rene E.
Put on your exercise clothes – once you’re dressed you feel more responsible to carry out the task. Also, put it in your schedule – like literally write it down in your schedule or calendar. Treat it like a meeting with yourself. You wouldn’t shirk off a business meeting because you don’t feel like it, so why would you put off a meeting with yourself! Lastly, fake it till you make it 😁💪🏻 Get going and start exercising- doing something is better than nothing. You might even find yourself enjoying it 😆🙌🏻
Jeremy S.
With a prize, like a little piece of chocolate… Very little…! 🙂 Now, for example, I am listening to a beautiful audiobook while I am walking.
Neurani F.
I switched my approach from exercise to active movement and let go of the tyranny I was feeling around gym classes. Instead, I start each day with water, a good breakfast and my mindful mantra: Have fun and enjoy the process! So with this new approach, I now play favorite music while dancing through my chores, sing carpool karoke when running errands, do calf raises and leg stretches while pumping gas or waiting in lines, etc. My whole life has become more active and my days are happier! So naturally, my friends are also becoming more motivated and we are meeting up for walks and outdoor excursions instead of just sitting around chatting at restaurants and bars. Life is more fun with less pressure and drudgery. I even hung a beautiful framed Degas painting of ballerinas in my hallway and announced (to my cats) it is now our dance studio. I also posted a reminder at my bedroom door to "Dance into my day" and discovered it really is so much more energizing to saunter instead of schlump down the hall!
Alexis F.
I remained myself that I payed alot for the gym & I tell myself what other options I have if not going to the gym. And I remember how I feel very good after the gym, & I pictured myself how I want to look like.
Maya E.
I try to keep it really simple. At the moment I am just saying I have to do 8 minutes walk in the morning, because my fitness and energy levels are low. Anymore than that is a total bonus to be celebrated. And quite often when I start walking I carry on for half an hour.
Sarah E.
Keep it simple. Put on earbuds and take a walk around the block. Get off the bus a stop before your destination. Take the stairs instead of escalator.
Ramona U.
Exercise when not feeling like it? I remind myself how I always feel better mentally and physically after exercise, then “just do it!”
Ma L C.
When I’m not feeling like exercising, I walk around the block as slow as I feel like in the morning. Or I choose the one minute just getting moving work out. When I get out walking and start looking at the flowers and houses in my neighborhood, I get interested in what I’m seeing. Then I’m not thinking about how I’m doing something I don’t want to do, and before I know it I’m around the block.
Leana S.
One way is I make a deal with myself that I get up and try something (even if it's just jumping jacks, or lunges, or holding a yoga pose) for 1 minute. If after that I'm still not feeling it, then I can be done. Odds are, once I get going for 1 minute I will want to continue. But even if I don't, I still got in 1 minute of exercise and that's more than nothing.
Amalie Z.
All I have to do is take one step at a time. Exercise rejuvenates you so if you just start with a few steps to start walking, you are feeling better about exercising before you even realize you ARE exercising. Add a little music and before you know it you are dancing a little, putting some bounce into your step and you are feeling better about your day.
Nathan G.
Find daily/weekly workout plan or an app with fun workout plans with a goal to accomplish, preferably with workout coach.
Kenneth U.
Do something very, very small. Reach for your toes if you can, or try another sort of simple stretch. It's not about finding or feeling motivated, I have found that I am more likely to do something when I appreciate the value of discipline and putting my wellbeing first. I am a happier person, and I feel better about myself and my interactions with others, and have a clearer mind, when I do things that are good for me; like exercise.
Hans Christian J.
You just do it. You will almost always not want to do much of anything. You just make yourself do it because you know it will be best. Some make it more fun like putting on music. And some just get it done and over with. Either way it gets done bc the long-term effects are worth a few minutes of "uhg".
Sherri O.
You could motivate yourself to workout when not feeling it by thinking about or writing down all of the reason why it would be beneficial to you. You could also watch videos of people with great physiques working out as motivation for you. Think about why working out is important to you.
Mimon Q.
Wow that’s a great question! It’s definitely something that needs to be talked about cuz I struggle with! So what I do is (now this is going to sound silly and may look weird) I stand in front of my mirror and make a little speech to yourself. Remind yourself what/who you’re doing it for! And you can take as much time as you need to do this but remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!! 👍
Erik J.
I focus on how it will feel when I have accomplished my goal for the morning and how that feeling will carry me through the day
Walentina A.
Take it one step at a time. Can I wear my running shoes? Sure. Do that. Then ask yourself if you can do just one more thing. And if you can, do it. Otherwise, break it down further. Just one push-up/squat/minute of walking etc. After that can you do just one more? If so, then do it and ask yourself one more time, and keep going from there. Otherwise try switching it up to another different exercise and repeat.
All the best. I believe in you. 👍 💯
Laro Q.
For me, I just start small. Like deciding to put on workout clothes. And then just showing up. And then just doing a few a exercises. And then lo and behold…you have tricked yourself into working out. Done is better than nothing.
Tracy Q.
Couple of points to make this happen. It often happens that I am not in mood, or may be I am tired. The only way is to create your performance statement and do it as a part of rituals before going to bed and after you wake up in the morning. You can also use a technique called cleanch your fists. This is also very useful trchnique which can be used during emergency.
Terrance G.
Do something really easy and short. Also, if you can get as far as changing into workout clothes, then that makes actually doing some exercise a lot easier.
Calvin P.
There are days when I am just not motivated and exercise is just one thing I am not interested in. However, if I can just do one thing it helps. Then it leads to one more. After a bit I have finished a set. I feel better and smile 😊.
Alison E.
My type of exercise is basically walking. Which I do everyday on my way to catch the bus. Hence it has become part of my everyday life. This is sort of compulsory hence walk every day to the bust stop. Which is about 15mins brisk walking from. My house
Claudio Q.
I will instead focus on getting a good stretch in. Once I am done stretching, I end up wanting to do at least a small amount of exercise.
Ludmila Y.
Find something that you enjoy doing. S for a class (that you pay for) that costs just enough that you’d be mad at yourself for skipping it. Commit to doing something active with a friend, and then make sure that you show up on time.
Desid Rio Z.
I usually just get my clothes on, some good music going and try to get into that way. Sometimes a bit of coffee can help but really it’s the music and changing into gym clothes that really gets me motivated.
Misaela Z.
Usually I don't feel like exercising after a long day at work or due to a headache or something similar.

After a long day, I tell myself that if I do half my normal walk then I can go back home, by the time I get halfway I feel good enough to continue.

If it's due to a headache then I will just tell myself that the fresh air will help and bring an extra water bottle with me. The only exception is if the headache feels like its going to turn in to a migraine. You don't want to be outside or pushing yourself when one of those hit.

Erica W.
Work out with a friend! That way you create an obligation for yourself (and it also becomes more fun). Where I live in Manhattan, people have money but no friends, So people hire a personal trainer for the same effect.
Sophia E.
Well…if I’m really being focused on exercising I tell myself all I have to do is put on my shoes and clothes and step outside the door (I run) or if I’m not wanting to exercise because I’m sore I’ll do the same thing but tell myself I only have to do a gentle bike ride around the block. Usually if I just step outside the door I’ll do something more. Break it down into small attainable steps 🙂
Sofie G.
Some days you feel it, some days you don't. It's called balance. BUT when I notice that I'm not feeling it more than I should, I know it's time for some serious self motivation. I'm lucky that I have experienced how WONDERFUL a well rested, well nourished, strong body should feel. Using that knowledge to motivate myself really works for me. I also do a lot better getting the cardio out of the way right away in the morning. After I have some water, before I shower and get ready for my day. That way, all day I know I'll have that accomplishment to bask in.
Liberto F.
Hello my dear .. Actually at first I felt so lazy and I procrastinated so much .. but lately I’ve been exercising 6 days a week and day off.. So to motivate yourself , here is an example : you can buy a board and print some quotes or some motivational pictures from your own and that reflects your own personality.. and another example: you can follow on pintrest and instagram some fitnesses people .. you can change your phone wallpaper into a picture that motivates you .. and here is the main one ; whenever you feel lazy you have to know why you are doing this ? What you want to have ? Ask yourself these questions.. and always know that A dream can be true ONLY BY HARD WORK!! takecare ..
Aim Y.
I convince myself that the time it takes to get the benefits of the workout is not that long and will go a long way. I think this usually outweighs the lazy feeling and the ramifications that come along with that.
Kimberly W.
Start small. I began recently, by getting up in the morning and just walking for 30 minutes. I slowly progressed my way from walking to running every morning for 30min. Now keep in mind that I'm 21, 5foot 5inches and weigh 160. When you begin running try a 1 minute run 1 minute walk method increasing speed everytime you run. It helps, I promise!
Leona P.
if I’m not motivated to go to the gym, I just put on music and keep walking without thinking about how tired I am or debating going to the gym. I end up feeling better about myself every time
Dennis O.
I try to take someone with me, i also tell myself i would feel better afterwards. I know it’s whats best for me, sometimes you just have to push yourself. I also do some lighter exercises when i feel it’s not my day. Im still learning to tell myself – hey, it’s okay. It’s great you actually unrolled this yoga mat or entered the gym. That’s already great!
Leokadia Y.
I just tell myself that exercise will make me stronger and healthier that will allow me to do adventurous stuff like hiking.
Naja B.
I think about how important the end result of my exercises will lead me too and I just hope that those goals can be accomplished even sooner!
Olivia O.
I tell myself something is better than nothing and I'll regret it later if I don't. That helps me. Then I put my gym clothes on and almost always at that point I go do something. If im still not feeling it, I'll try to grey someone to go for a walk with me. At that point I'm committed to someone else to do something.
Mair Q.
Look at a picture of yourself that you really hate. Or, conversely, look at an old picture of yourself where you looked great.
Heiderose X.
I think if how good I will feel later on in the day, knowing that I stuck it out and did it. Even if I dont give it my 100% effort, doing it is better then not doing it.
Darko S.
Well for me, I put on some of my favourite music and repeat the benefits of exercise to myself, I realise what the benefits lead to and it motivates me to get there
Hanns F.
I remind myself of the way I feel when I push myself to do it! I feel productive, that I kept my promise to myself with no excuses and relief that now I can relax without any guilt.
Jon C.
Two things keep me motivated to exercise, a schedule and cost. Keeping a weekly exercise schedule tells my brain that a given time is set for only that activity. I've decided on when to do it and I don't have to think about it. And paying a significant amount for a gym membership really motivates me as I would otherwise be wasting money!
Dora X.
There are a two things I do to shift my mindset about exercise depending on how I’m feeling.

1. Find a productive purpose for your exercise.

Walk to the grocery store. Pick up the pace a little when you take the dog out. Make everyday tasks an opportunity to get your heart rate up.

2. Try something new!

Go to a fitness class that you’ve never gone to before. So many gyms have free trial so take advantage of it and do something different. Dance classes, rock climbing, whatever new trendy gym just opened up… give it a shot!

Take it one workout at a time.

Amir F.
I keep a reminder on my wall and at work that tells me how all the movement I take is an investment in my family and friends because it regulates my mood and energy. It reminds me that I can be the person I want to be if I don’t take care of my body and mind.
Eva J.
It depends. If I'm really not feeling life in general, i push through and work out because excersise stimulates the mind to move from a stagnant place. The more i ain't feeling it, the more likely it is that I'm in need of it!
Nicolas C.
I use this app to remind me of when I’m supposed to exercise. I have another app that I go on that has a bunch of great workout only for women and it is amazing. No matter how tired you get or how much you don’t want to exercise, just push yourself because in the end, it’s really worth it.