What do you do if exercise is part of your morning ritual but you oversleep?

Jonas B.
Depending on my schedule, either exercise in the afternoon or just accept that I needed some sleep and pick back up the next day
Sofia F.
See if you can move other events that may not be as important downbeat your schedule, or simply reduce the the time of exercise and do the rest later. Make sure to have a good sleeping routine and to the habit of waking up on time.
Jenise G.
Today I slept longer than usual and usually I like to walk before 1pm so I did it later in the afternoon. It took some motivation as I like to have a meal before I go out and didn't eat until 1ish but I had a healthy meal and kept in my mind that I needed to go walk
Dena Z.
I would try to either do a 5 min yoga routine or try and do exercise in the afternoon. If it doesnt work out I would be kind to myself but also make sure the next day I was up in time.
Liam Z.
I i skeep my morning exercise coz i overleep i’ll just do it in the afternoon. What is important to me is to not keep a day without doing exercise.
Lison P.
If i don't have the time to do it in the morning (if i have à meeting for example) , i just free some time right before lunch to so some exercise !
Anna J.
If I have time, I’ll just do my regular exercise anyway, even if I oversleep. If I don’t have time, I’ll just do a quick, intense 1 minute workout (usually running up and down my stairs)
Mark N.
I’m fortunate to have been able to create a situation that doesn’t matter if I over sleep. I have my list of things to do in the day and if I over sleep, I simply start the list later than normal.
Rebecca N.
If I over sleep I will assume that my body need the rest and recovery time to prepare myself for a good workout once I do get up.
Luz A.
I'll do exercise in the evening or try to compensate by walking to my workplace, playing just dance or byking.
But most of all sometimes you have to accept that you will not always be able to do your workout every day so be ok with that, you can start again tomorrow.
Juanita J.
Exercise as much as you can. Even do it in the evening if you want. I overslept, but I still did everything I would normally do in the morning.
Lucy S.
If I oversleep, I still do my exercise! Maybe not as grueling, but I make sure to at least stretch or do yoga for at least 15-30 mins. It doesn't require me to go anywhere except in my own home!