Are walks okay in the morning if you don’t find the time to exercise?

James J.
So if you like me to wait for bed 12 it’s not gonna be that hard for me and for the people that wake up at 12 because you could just drink your water have a great breakfast and then work out I mean go on a run so for the people that wake up like around six in the morning it’s gonna be a bit hard because it’s still dark out and you might trip because because it’s too dark out but for the people that wake up at 10 or nine it’s OK to go on a run yeah it’s OK because I drink water I agree breakfast and then I go on my run but that’s how I have it scheduled I don’t know if you have a schedule For a different time so yeah thanks for asking the question bye love you
Christopher Q.
Yes. Any activity that raises your heart rate will be beneficial. The only thing I’m not sure I understand is what difference in time would there be between a 10 minute walk or 10 minutes doing some other exercise?
Janina M.
I think it is important to incorporate physical activity into your life so walking or training, what's important it's how regular you do it. My answer is yes, it is okay.
Marilou N.
Certainly morning walks are good not just for your body but for your spirit, it is a time when you can talk to yourself and set some ideas of what you want to do during the day.
Jennifer Q.
Walking takes longer to achieve the same benefits (like calorie burn) as running so if you're pressed for time I would go for something more efficient like a 1 mile run (10ish minutes) or the 7 minute total body workout that is on the Fabulous. The only way I could see walking as being time efficient is if you are walking as your mode of transit to work or you are walking your dog (i.e. combining it with an activity you already have to do).
Carey J.
I always walk and add extra when I get the time. I feel walking is best because I never feel like I don't want to do it.