Where do you find inspirations to do exercises?

Blake F.
You tube, fabulous which is a very good app because you can do however minutes you want and you tube is good for workouts.
Selena E.
I find inspiration in myself by remembering that my mind & body are separate. Don’t engage with your thoughts with the negative stuff move your body how you want it to move, gently and efficient for YOU.
Natalia E.
Honestly, I find it hard to get up and start moving. The thing is that I enjoy the exercise while I'm doing it and how I feel afterward, it's just getting started that is hard. I try to motivate myself by focusing on how good it feels to exercise and focusing on the good that will come of it.
Aphiwe Z.
When i exercise i think about the benefits of being active and how stronger i will feel in the future.I look at it working out this way. Just have a positive perspective on it.