Do you continue exercise when your back hurts, or stop completely? What do you do for stretching in the morning?

Alyssa E.
when i feel something is wrong with my body other than the soreness from working out, i give myself time to rest on moving exercises that use that body part. using the example of back pain, try not to move a lot (especially floor exercises). on the other hand, if i may suggest something, i would suggest taking a 30 minute walk outside/on a treadmill. always do this when you feel you can’t do movement exercises. walking is always a good thing to do, and it’s light work. 🙂 as for me, i do morning yoga in the morning. after that, i try to get myself to walk (30 mins as i suggested + for cardio) and then i do a specified exercise (wether that be arms and back, abs/stomach, or lower body).

Christian N.
Yes, is a normal problem if the workout is very hard or too hard for your body. Once you start feeling pain you should do low intensive workouts until your I'll friend recover with greater performance than before. I recomend touching your tip of your toe standing up and standing down for the back pain relief

Andra Z.
For streching in the morning I do yoga poses. It depends on why your back hurts. If it's a bad pain maybe you should see a doctor. If it's a small pain from a bad night sleep for exemple you can exercise but reduce the intensity of the exercise.

Ga Tan N.
No, I would stop before I risk causing an injury. I use yoga stretches in the morning, they are simple and yet effective.

Silvester C.
If my back hurts then i try to make sure i am doing the exercises correctly and stretch, cobra stretch is good for your back

Carolina N.
i usually stop, i hate stretching in the morning bc it hurt a lot but i work on every part of the body, slowly, starting whit the head, then the shoulders, the hand ecc…

Virgil U.
Morning yoga. And when backnhurts I do breathing exercise. I recommende AEQ, its magic. And it doesnt even look like exercise But it does fundamentwl change in your body and mind.

Angelica I.
It depends.. if it’s a muscular problem then I think or it is for an inflammation or just because the muscles are now being in movement for the first time and they have to be accustomed to it. If the last one is the case I just continue like it’s nothing. For other things I don’t know what to do but if it really hurts I absolutely counsel to not workout. Listen to your body and not your mind, if your body is not in the condition to do it it’s ok to have 1 or 2 days of rest. Remember that you are in this journey for an healthy mind, body and soul, or maybe to accomplish your goals but if you are not in a good condition you can’t go ahead, so just rest.
Talking about the stretching, I do it every day after the workout(it is so important to do it before and after remember!) even in the rest days to relax mind and body.

Nikolaj W.
Depends on how bad it hurts. I do have some previous back problems that sometimes show up unexpectedly. When that happens i tend to stop✋🏼
I usually stretch when i do the exercises in the app, but sometimes I just stretch the areas of the body that feel tired or sore👍🏻

Amy N.
If a part of my body hurts I like to just go on a walk so I don’t hurt myself more or stop my progress. I like to do a mix of stretches but my favourite is piriformis stretch