What kind of exercise do you practice frequently?

Mathias W.
I like to have a varied selection of activities to exercise, where I do cardio (spinning and running), yoga, dance – I generally choose the activities I find to be the most rewarding

Silje C.
I love dancing so I do that often, and I also do different types of track and field, like pole vault, triple jump, and hurdles (just for fun!) 💪🏼

Jules E.
Because I sabatoge. I have made a goal to start of walking with no stress or expectations attached to it. I focus on walking as a form of stress relief vs weight loss. & practicing using it as an act of self care/love

Mathias G.
I try to exercise to make it feel like I’m not exercising! Just a simple 5 minutes of playing with the dog or bouncing a ball around the house, that counts as exercise! Because nobody wants to wake up in the morning and then just do 30 push ups or 20 pull ups. That is the type of thing that brings me down in the morning! Sure it’s gets your blood flowing, but are you really exited about doing it? Do you feel that you want to do it again tomorrow? Or does it annoy you? Do you wake up every morning and think great, I have to do this. I want it to feel like I’m just doing this for fun and then “oh look! I just finished my fabulous goal!”

Jordan S.
I do all my excercise home in my livingroom or basement. I have a Wii and love the programs for dancing, arobic, karate, hiphop and other forms available there. I also have a excrcise bike and rowmashine, so I use diffrent 🙂
I go for three times a week, and 30 minutes, snd that works for me 🙂

Lilly Z.
Dance is the only exercise that makes me happy. Being able to listen to music and dance is one of the greatest pleasures of human existence.

Lucas B.
All different types. Today I went to interval training in a gym setting, yesterday I threw the ball on the beach with my friend and her dog. The dsy before I went to twerk class, and the day before that I went to yoga

Charlotte S.
I cycle on a spin bike during the week, yoga, stretch and foam roll in between. Weekends I take it outside and get a good bike ride in.

Melco Q.
I subscribe to Beachbody on Demand. It’s like Netflix for exercise videos and it’s great. I like the variability of the types of exercising – yoga-dance-Pilates-HIIT-weights. It makes it so I don’t get bored, allows me to adapt for my energy level, make modifications if I’m sore. For approximately $100/yr it’s cheaper than the gym and I can do it from the comfort of my own home. FYI, I am not a Beachbody representative, coach or receive any monetary gain for my opinion on Beachbody.

Rhonda J.
If you have Samsung health, theres a program called Baby steps to 5k, and u exercise every day. Sat n sun rest days and I continue and I'm getting use to it

Gers O E.
Since I’ve started with Fabulous, I’ve tried my best to keep things simple by sticking to the 7-min routine that the team put together. It might not always feel like the hardest workout (until I miss out on doing it for a couple of days) but it does give me the comfort of getting out of my head and into my body. What I love most about it is that I doesn’t require any equipment besides a wall and stable chair to do tricep dips on. I’ve actually replaced the “standing onto chair” exercise for a barbell curl. The idea of spending hours on gym routine (time to commute, workout, return home, etc.) was huge roadblock for me. The 7-min routine simplifies all that. In the coming weeks I will be integrating a Strength training session. I don’t get Soar from the routine anymore but it does a great job of waking me up and that’s already a huge win for me. There is also the psychological benefit of knowing the workout will be over in a just a few minutes, unlike the hour long commitment of typical gym workout. Hope this helps!

Sharon F.
yoga mostly… but recently getting back into running (treadmill)… like to do some cycling and swimming on sunny days…love indoor climbing occasionally.. and just started weights machines a few times a week 🙂

Morgane T.
I've been doing doing rock climbing since I was little. sometimes I also go for a run or for walk since I live near a forest.

Sophia F.
I love to take long walks at a pond near my house. It's so pretty, and there are ducks everywhere. I can just zone out and enjoy nature for a while. The miles fly by.

Tyrone Y.
I try to force myself to at least do a few squats, push ups and sit ups. I can do it in a middle of a task or whenever I put a reminder for it. You don’t notice how you can do 100 raps a day, very easy. I also like to watch YouTube videos with different strength training workouts and yoga!

Jelena G.
breathing mostly. I also do lots of streching more so then exercise. i have very active kids so i feel chasing them around is plenty of exercise.

Loretta P.
Yoga!!!! It's makes me feel so much better! Makes the muscles feel better after other exercise, makes you feel energised I love it!

Ella W.
I find the easiest activity for me to build into my day and stck to is walking. I also try to take the stairs wherever possible and walk to work/shops etc.

Catherine O.
An enrgetic dance and I don't stop untill I finish my playlist, even if I have something to do around the house I do it while dancing and moving. I use songs that make you move like the "cha cha slide" 🙂

Marcus W.
Yoga; when I get up and go to bed, walking; I try and walk everywhere but I get a guaranteed 45 mins on my commute, HIIT; I do 8-20 minutes at least once per week

Philip E.
I‘m combining weight lifting with body-weight training. If you don’t have weights just stick to body weight which is always there for you 😉. I’m doing,
– push-ups
– wide-arm push-ups
– push-ups and clap
– sit-ups
– squads
– wall-sit
– side-planks
– chair-dips

Domenico T.
You’ll be surprised to know the benefits to your body and mind. It all depends on you to practise a particular kind of exercise which suits your need and body. Cardio in the form of brisk walks, climbing stairs and cycling can be practised on a daily basis. You can add strength training to this regime once or twice a week!

Orestes Q.
I dance. I pull up an upbeat play list and dance for two songs every morning, but at least a half an hour more four times a week.

Belmiro N.
I use app called BetterMe that has 28 workout for different muscle groups. The workouts get gradually harder every day.

Abbie O.
I run several times a week. I like to do the same loop to help track my progress.
I also try to bike to work 2-3 times/week. It’s not far but it is better for me than driving.

Gabriella R.
I don't practice any regular exercise. For a while I was cycling regularly until my knees seized up. Now I'm trying to do some walking regularly to try and get more exercise.

Teresa Q.
With having two young kids, working out gets kind of hard sometimes. My kids love to dance, so I try to make sure we’re dancing and moving first thing in the morning to get us ready for our day. I’ve been doing PiYo at nap time, but I recently created a workout plan for myself that involves doing the sets 3x per day. I noticed that a lot of it the kids try to mimic what I’m doing and do it with me. It makes me want to stick with it more knowing that they’re having fun with it too.

Kristin N.
I usually walk in the treadmill for 8-10 mins every morning. The reason is so that I don’t feel like it’s a chore to do…but I am able to get that little exercise I need.