What`s your favorite type of exercise to do?

Betty J.
My favourite type of exercise is playing badminton. I really enjoy the social aspect of the sport and the option of playing leisurely or competitively at your convenience. I think the most important thing is to make exercise as fun as possible because it will make it something to look forward to, rather than something that you have to do.
Tom O.
EMOMs – stands for "every minute on the minute."
Choose a simple excise like 10 pushups or 15 situps. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Every time the timer hits a new minute, do the exercise. Then, spend the rest of the minute resting. On the new minute, do the exercise again and then rest. Do this 10 times for 10 minutes.
Gavin N.
Cycling. But when I am unable to cycle or don't have time to take the bike out, fast walking, which is also easy to fit in when I am doing errands.
Lucy Z.
Walking, because it does not require much effort yet clears my mind. Yin yoga is also a nice work out to calm down and increase flexibility.
August C.
On the gym I follow a powerlifting program which includes the barbell squat, bench press, deadlift and others. But in my morning routine I just do some simple body weight exercises such as push ups, squats, crunches, etc.
Sandro F.
I like variety. I sometimes swim, do yoga, or use the gym. In summer I commute by bike.
Mason C.
I love to walk outside, especially in autumn and winter. I also love doing yoga with incense burning in the background.
Hadrien P.
Hi! Thanks for the question. My favourite exercise to do is the crunch. I find this exercise very challenging, but good in a workout. It really motivates you to try your best even if it is difficult. Thank you so much for your question and I hope my answer was okay and made sense.
Simauro A.
I enjoy doing different types of things. I yoga every AM- it’s just a great way to ease into the day. I try to walk or do some other cardio several times per week- elliptical or swimming. I also do cross training videos because strength training is so important! It’s a way to strengthen without “weight lifting” which is not something a enjoy on its own.
Roberta E.
Running, time permitting! Often I'll just do some leg lifts and jumping jacks to get the day started though.
Isaac N.
I would most like to play tennis or do Kung fu. But I don’t have a work schedule that would enable me to do sports with others at the moment. Instead I am taking up running, which is a good substitute.
Stefan T.
Yoga. I use the downdog app on my phone. It let's me exercise/stretch/relax all in one practice. The app also lets you set the amount of time you want. It has been my "go to" workout.
Sacha Z.
In the Netherlands Kickboxing, gymming and occasionally running.

When the climate is more tropical i love wakeboarding and swimming

Maja P.
My favorite exercise is definitely dancing. It’s fun and high energy, and the only exercise I can convince myself to do regularly, because it doesn’t feel like work.
Natalie Z.
Strength building. I really enjoy yoga in a group or class setting. I also enjoy walking my dog or going a short job, when feeling up to it.
Jason Z.
I prefer walking during the workday, and hiking during the weekend. Getting out in nature is relaxing and calming in its own right, and combined with the dopamine from exercising I feel really fulfilled after a good walk/hike.
Almirodo Q.
It depends really. Currently, I enjoy the 1 minute exercise available here to get me back into the routine. After about a week of doing it, I will change to the 7 minute workout to get a more complete one. After some time doing that, I'll change up the routine to do abs daily along with a different body part 5 days a week. I'm NOT a fan of running. The only kind of cardio I do is either walking or the elliptic. I also enjoy dancing.
Eust Quio F.
I like to grab a buddy no matter who wants to join and take at least an hour long walk and talk. It's the best way to get your steps in and only takes an hour or less out of your day depending on your schedule. Otherwise I like dancing and strength training with chairs and steps. Like diagonal pushups, step ups, jogging up and down steps, tricep dips and so on.
Melco Z.
Swimming! I swim 6 times a week with my swim club and I compete in galas. I also play netball and I go to the gym reguarly.