When exercising does a Fabulous user recommend warming up, exercising and stretching for cooling down?

Justyna Z.
Yes of course, in my opinion it is very helpful in cooling down. I see this on me. I'm really recommend exercising especially yoga😊
Alfred C.
I definitely recommend warming up, exercising then cooling down. Warming up is very important to get the blood around the body to were it needs it most for exercise (muscles) ensuring less chance of injury risk. Cooling down is also very important for the buildup of lactic acid in the body due to exercise. This prevents doms (delayed onset of muscle soreness). Stretching is a great example of this. 😁
Jillian N.
I may not have understood the question correctly but, yes, stretching (ones people normally would do in a yoga class I think are best) after exercising is a good cool down.
Alexia N.
so I haven’t found anything about warm ups and stretching for specifically exercise because the exercise section recommends things like get moving for a minute, one for 7 minutes and many more such as abs and core workouts which I find really boost my energy up. There is another section called stretching which I would recommend usin for warm up and cool down 🥰
Scarlett Q.
Yes. Warming up helps so you don’t get injured, & cooling down helps your body cool down & helps your heart rate go down.
Grazyna G.
Hi lovely x I think a warm up is recommend!! But I personally do not (mainly because the exercise I do allows for a warm up already, or I cannot be bothered!!). If you’ve done the warm up you should always do the exercise!! Exercise releases a tonne of endorphins (feel good emotions) which means afterwards you feel so much better!! A cool down is also very good to stretch those tight muscles and prevent soreness the next day. Again I am pretty bad at cooling down so it is something I will need to work on
Diora Q.
Deeeefinately, I'm pretty active and I have SCREWED up my body a few times especially my legs just cos I haven't warmed up so its super important lol. Also ppl underestimate the importance of a cool down because it rlly helps lower your heart rate and calm ur body down otherwise ull b panting and rlly tense for a while if u don't relax ur muscles
Good luck!:)))
Eliot N.
Yeah, I feel like warming up and stretching is the most important part of exercising. It prepares you to do everything safely
Brielle N.
I usually like to warm up my muscles by doing a light jog, maybe a few jumps. It should be a light warmup that gets you barely sweating. There are lots of good youtube videos. You can also include stretching in this, especially on the body part you are working that day. Afterwards a deep stretch is good. To summarize: warmup is light and just preparing your muscles. maybe a few stretches, cool down is deep stretching so you are less sore
Katrine Y.
I like to stretch as part of my warm up, keeps you limber and prevents pulling a muscle during workout. Yoga afterwards for cool down is my preference
N N.
before tou do any kind of workout, you should warm your body u, to prevent any kind of injury. The same stands for cooling down
Destiny T.
Yes you should definitely warm up before starting and stretch after. I did it while I was was in track and still do it. I recommend you to do this.
Annie Y.
Always make sure you do something simple to warm up. It can be a few jumping jacks, a light stretch of you arms, shoulders or legs. It makes a difference during excersize and your body doesn't feel as stiff.
Guenther S.
Warm up – dynamic stretching, explore your range of motion, warm up your muscles. Google dynamic stretches for good ideas.
Cool down – more static stretches, deep breathing within them, spend time at the far ends of your range of motion, stretch every muscle group you exercised
Megan N.
Yes! Even to begin with if you just do stretching it’s still movement and will make you feel better than gradually build on it and boom before you even realise it you’ll be exercising everyday out of habit!