What’s a simple exercise you can do in the morning that won’t make you sweat?

Siegried F.
Yoga. A few rounds of a sun salutation in the morning will help with flexibility, strength and wellbeing without working up too much of a sweat.
Frederikke Z.
Stretching! There are plenty of stretches that you can do while you're still in bed. They'll help you increase flexibility and help you wake up, but you won't sweat. I find a lot of good ones on Pinterest!
Bobbie P.
Most of the yoga asana Don't make sweat. But why avoid sweating. Let the body live in natural ways as it is made for. Let it sweat. Even perspiration is important and good for health
Rose J.
Short yoga exercises. Search up 5-minute yoga videos and follow along. Stretching is also good. So is a short walk in the morning. Good luck!
Marie C.
A great exercise for the morning I think is sort of a yoga pose/stretch. You sit on your knees and stretch arms forward on the floor…
Rafael E.
Yoga is great for this. I use yoga studio. Depending on the tour you do some will make you sweat but if you do one more focused on flexibility it should be fine
Reginald S.
I practice yoga when I do not feel like getting sweaty on that particular morning. I commit to about an hour long session on YouTube or take a class. This allows me to practice my breathing also.
Friedhold F.
Dancing to a few songs is a great way to get moving. Another exercise that won't make you sweat is a short walk, just a 5 to 10 minute walk is great.
Tammy O.
The basic Pilates exercise for core strength is very simple, central to the Pilates method, and it won’t make you sweat.
Ida O.
I do a 10 minute yoga routine that includes stretching, arm strength and core strength. My heart rate becomes a little elevated but I'm not sweat.
Kathryn G.
A good morning yoga routine. You can find them on YouTube. Just something to stretch and wake up. They are usually about 10 minutes long.
Heinz Joachim X.
I have to own it morning exercise has been the hardest habit to get on with so I'm now trying to do yoga found a basic app which has a daily plan
William E.
Doing some simple yoga exercises for a quick few minutes is one that can wake you up, but also won’t make you sweat. Another would probably be a simple walk. This could be outdoors , or indoors.
Rene N.
Pilates!! Nothing better!! I’m in love with my routine. It doesn’t take more than 20-30 minutes and you don’t even sweat!!
Zeneida Z.
While a slow walk in the shade might keep you dry, sweating is your body's attempt to regulate your temperature, and unfortunately pretty much any exercise may make you sweat. I sweat going upstairs sometimes! Even gentle yoga can make you sweaty, because activity creates energy creates heat creates auto-cool down.