What keeps you motivated after a break in your daily routine?

Line Z.
Remember that it’s not about being perfect. But it’s about getting up after you’ve fallen, and never giving up. It’s about rememberingWhat the goal is and how good the journey itself is.
Gauthier F.
What keeps me motivated is the fact that I don’t feel as well after a break. Sure sometimes it’s liberating to break free of the routine, but inevitably I fall back into the routine that keeps me organized and healthy. It helps me to forget less and to feel healthier the more I follow the routine.
Connor C.
One thing is the reminder keeps me motivated and also when I told my that the routine is for health and only my commitment could make it happened as I want it to be.
Brandie J.
Basically, my motivation to get back on track is self awareness and knowing how much I need to get my life together. For instance I began noticing that my weight was increasing and I knew that I was not working out like I should have been. It’s important for me to be aware of how important it is for me to get back to being on track.
Lisette M.
My job is hard , l am an engineer , l feel tired mostly , hearing good things and having a cup of tea keep me motivated , talking about job is my fuel this motivates me l feel more energy. Also doing my job perfectly gives me energy l dont feel tired.
Gislinde X.
I used to take longer breaks but unless I am sick (which rarely) happens) I usually do basically the same stuff but to a lesser degree. I walk instead of running, go for yoga instead of heavy lifting. It’s usually not good to change too much. If I’m really ill I’ll cancel all and mostly read and watch TV.
Lillie G.
I guess that celebrating my victories olays an important role. And then I have such a great trust to Fabulous and I find it a pity not to go through it.
Gordon S.
Having a goal to strive toward is important, always aiming to be better than I was before. Always keep trying, don’t stop, keep track of progress.
Noelle J.
I try not to have a break. When I see that I've been doing great for a longer period of time, it helps overcome the harder times. Although when I do fail, I usually tell myself to start fresh tommorow, on Monday, at the beggining of a new month. It works pretty well for me. Sometimes I feel really bad physically and mentally (for example for not drinking enough water or not getting enough things done). My routine helps me to be a better person. If I don't do some things, I can see a difference. And when I see one, it's easy for me to come back to my rituals.
Pauline U.
I remotivate myself by remembering how far I’ve come. Missing one day is just one day in the longer journey that is my life.
Clifton T.
I’d love to know an answer to this as well. This is the number one thing I struggle with – I’ll be going for a week or two, maybe three if I’m lucky and then fall back to bad habits. After a while of doing this (on the order of weeks or months) I get remotivated. There’s a constant struggle between wanting to better myself through my daily routine, and doing nothing because it’s easy. I always tbough life was easy – it took me years to realize it really isn’t.
Andrea P.
Sometimes doing everything is impossible. I try to stick to two if the key habits – ie drink water / 5 mind meditation before bedtime whatever is happening. The rest can wait ( but the word is waiting not failed )
Elise E.
How good it feels to see your progress recorded. When you look back at the end of the day and see you completed everything you needed to do, you always have some sense of pride.
Sander C.
I have to force myself that my routine brings me joy when I do it, so when I have a mini hiatus from it and things get misarranged in time, I am able to have the confidence to jump back into routine because I value it and recognize that it makes me happy to complete my routine. (Hope this makes sense, lol.)
Gottlieb O.
I don't shame myself for skipping a day for one of the habits, instead "every day is a new start". No harm, no foul, just restart. Routines are not completions, least of all with yourself.
Eliza C.
The daily reminder of things undone/unfinished/untaken-care of. I look back at where I was, where I am now, what I've accomplished in between, where I want to be and what I still need to achieve. It's an neverending cycle really, I just don't know if I'll be able to afford this app after the trial period is over!
Ana Q.
This is something I struggle with for sure, but the way that often works best for me is to sit down with a journal and reevaluate my goals. There’s often a reason I’m losing contact with them, maybe they seem too big or too hard to reach. When that happens, I write them down and work out smaller steps that are easier to achieve and celebrate. The biggest thing is that I’ve become more gentle with myself when I fail. If I step away from my goal, I don’t berate myself anymore, I look at it as a small break and get ready to go again.
Marin Z.
The good benefit &feeling from a healthy routine would make me want to go back to it. The sense if control&clarity or it might just be the nagative feelings after breaking away from it.
Kristen U.
First I realise that breaks will happen and I don’t admonish myself for a break.

I then remind myself why I started this journey and what my original goal was.

Elise Z.
Knowing that what I’m doing will benefit me is my motivation. This helps me because I’m all about self improvement. Even though we may take breaks sometimes we can always start back up. Every day is a new beginning. 🌞
Sofia F.
When I missed some of my daily behaviors for over a week, I decided to re-examine them. I looked at each one to check whether it was something I still wanted to focus on, whether it was realistic, and whether it was scheduled for the right time of day. Then I readjusted my daily checklists.