What do you do when strangers bother you at the gym?

Zoe W.
At the gym Once i create my space and free my mind wont/cant be bothered i guess conversating while excersing is good for the mind
Brooke O.
I call the gym staff and let them deal with the person bothering me. I feel that protects me from an uncomfortable confrontation with a stranger.
Kelly U.
I'm polite. I just say something like I'm in a time crunch and don't have time to talk. I'm only there to workout and leave. If they're rude, I report them to the gym staff. Try googling I'm being bothered at the gym. It's a common occurrence.
Anne N.
I look at them “badly”, I’m at the gym for a purpose and I can’t waste time with strangers bothering me for whatever reason.
Shelley Y.
I would try to ignore them, but if they keep pestering you, tell them to stop and that we’re all here for the same purpose: to get healthy. It also depends on the context of the situation. Just remember to speak up for yourself if it gets out of hand, maybe tell an official too.
Lisa A.
Smile and nod and say “excuse me, I’m on a time crunch”. put your ear buds in and walk away. You do not owe anyone your time or attention. Keep the focus on you.
Mercedes F.
the exact same thing happened with me..on first day! I didn't react at that time but I was a little annoyed and skipped two days but then I realised I shouldn't let small things bother me and went on with the same routine the very next day and decided not to confront or anything but mind my own business. It worked for me and now I walk in excercise and walk out. Hope you don't feel much bothered to cause trivial things really don't deserve our attention.
Vanessa O.
1. I would make small talk.
2. Tell them I have to get my workout done and that it was nice meeting them.
3. Smile and walk away.
4. If they continues and they are following you, Immediately go talk to the gym manager and let them know that this person's behavior.
5. Lastly, have Bluetooth hardphones on and if they try to talk to you just zone them out. You didn't hear a thing.