Do you do the same exercise routine every day or do you mix it up?

Liza P.
I do the same excercise Routine but i try to make it harder any ther day like add a little more time fro plank or do more sit ups than i did yesterday

Evy E.
Regularmente siempre la cambio, es bueno porque así no solo trabajo una parte del cuerpo sino todo de poco a poco. Me agrada el plan que utilizo para ejercitarme por su versatilidad y eficacia

Inbar T.
when i get up i dance to music.
i have a thing set up on my phone so it plays my favorite spotify playlist on shuffle.
because its on shuffle, the songs are different every time

Romane T.
Because I like to train various muscle groups I try to mix it up a bit, but depending on which muscle group I am working with, I always use the same routine (Just because I like to stick with things that work for me)

Natalija F.
I like to change it up, sometimes I have enough energy to do a full workout routine, others I can only get in a couple minutes of dancing to some nice music or just cleaning my space as a form of moving, doing the same exercise can be boring and consuming, and it may even make us dislike it, so mixing it up will always be the best bet.

Jessy Z.
I do yoga in the mornings as a way of exercising. Every day I strike different poses, so that exercise is exiting and keeps new!!!