I hate core exercising, it hurts and I can’t get past beginner exercises. Can you share helpful core strengthening for beginners please?

Kassidy N.
Practicing yoga is a great way to work on strengthening your muscles without feeling a lot of pain or fatigue. Plus, it helps reduce any anxiety or stress. As you continue in your yoga practice, you’ll be able to do more and more complicated positions as you gain strength.

Silviane N.
I would try starting small- eg. Instead of 30s plank try 10s, instead of 30 bicycle crunches try 15

My core fitness routine for beginners would be along the lines of:
15 leg raises
5s rest
15 bicycle crunches
5s rest
15 sit ups
5s rest
10s plank
5s rest
5 press-ups
5s rest
15s plank
5s rest
10 situps
5s rest
10 bicycle crunches
5s rest
10 leg raises
Then finish by taking a one minute walk through your home

Remember that fitness is not achieved by immediately pushing yourself to be the best, but it is how you build up the strength to keep going . Take your time with all of the excercises- no one’s judging you. If you are struggling then just reduce the amount of exercise and build it back up again when you feel ready.

Good luck!

Br Gida P.
Me too! I started off by planking and getting better at it each time, increasing my time holding it. Also, remember to engage your core when doing other exercises, or even when you're just sitting down!
If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth it 🙂 Hope this helps!

Dominique C.
I hate them too. I think with more practice and intention to improve, it will get easier! I also hate cardio too. But I remember when I was more active, cardio didn’t bother me as much. Just a necessary evil I suppose.

Aaron T.
Stay consist with the beginner exercises. You will build strength over time. A little goes a long way. Maybe try doing routines that break up the exercises in to smaller intervals with more repetitions or focus on things that are fun? For example, swimming or dancing as fun ways to work your core.

Flora O.
They say “no pain, no gain”
Simple core for beginners are : Plank, push-ups, and bicycles. Always a go to when I’m lazy to go to gym.

Filippa C.
I found hiit class a very effective way to improve core. I also gave my max during the 45-60secs and I feel improvement very rapidly.
Boxing is a fun way to improve core too if you find normal core focused class boring. It’s important to have the right fundamentals for boxing so you use your core rather than just arm.

Sarah Y.
I'm a beginner too, and I'm not very good at it. But I really like the 4 min core workout on this app. It's free, so you don't need premium, and it's pretty beginner friendly. Feel free to take breaks if you need them, I certainly do. But even with breaks I can feel myself improving! Keep at it! Maybe eel both be able to do it one day!

Haidy V.
I was like you but I started by walk at home exercises on YouTube for three months and then I am at the stage of workout for beginners.
What I mean is that I made it as a habit and started gradually from the easiest workout to the hard ones. If you start gradually , you won't be tired . Thanks for asking.

Liva Z.
Hi! I totally understand. I promise you with time and effort staying consistent YOU WILL become stronger! Maybe start off by doing the 2×15 rule. Example (crunch 15, bicycle crunch 15, crunch 15, bicycle 15). Start off small. If it hurt that bad then you're starting off with too much so take it back a step. No need to rush. Count the to total you can do and then add 5 more each day. Drink protein! It'll help restore your muscles making you less prone to getting as sore! (: hope this helped

Hadeel Q.
Do simple exercises like planks and crunches for short periods of time and then as you get better you can do more crunches or hold the plank longer

Lisa U.
I usually do push ups and sit ups which help a lot.But they are going to hurt if one you do to much at a time and two of you are just beginning.In this case the pain is telling you that you are gaining muscle and getting stronger.planks are also a goodness core exercise but only do for now like 10 seconds or even maybe less start slow then slowly add time San you go on.That’s really the thing with any type exercise.Of you’re just beginning there is no excuse that’s that not make you sore.

Garance E.
I do Pilates and really focus on form. Core ecetcises should not hurt! Uncomfortable yes, but not painful. Beginner exercises are nothing to be ashamed of. It takes dedication and time to get progress. Pushing to pain could be the reason you aren't progressing. Focus on how the muscles contract and how your body feels when doing the movements. Also, stretching your core after workouts are just as important as stretching other muscles. Be patient with your body. It will know when you can push it just a little further. Just try one exercise at the next level. Maybe just a few repetitions. Then back off and revert back to the beginner position. Next time try a few more. Listen to your body. If there is pain, ask a friend, a trainer, or another person to look at your form. That could be the culprit. Don't pull on your neck. Alignment in core exercises is crucial. Keep it up. You can achieve progress as long as you are working on improving form and consistency with movements!

Jeppe C.
Try a more enjoyable activity that includes core strengthening. Swimming would be the easiest choice. Yoga and rock climbing are also excellent.

Nina M.
I started using an app called Fiit. The app delivers workouts for all abilities from entry level to advanced. You get to choose the type of exercise you want to do and the trainer. All trainers are qualified and experienced in their field. You follow the trainer through your I phone or connect your I phone to the TV and follow through Apple TV. The app can monitor your heart rate and reps during exercise and tell you how many calories you have burnt, which is helpful. They also offer interactive classes where you compete against other people doing the exercises if you like that sort of thing.