What kinds of exercises can do and how long do I have to exercise for when walking??

Winfried Brecht
I would say that you could walk for as long as you want and do any simple exercises you can, as long as you keep it consistent and make sure to do them every day. As long as you exercise your body you can do anything.

Swen Rist
While walking, lift your knees extra high and/our touch your behind with your heels. You could also bring weights to make it more heavy, take stairs, skip, and sprint. Oh, and walk backwards where it is safe, that's fun!

I believe 30 minutes per day is recommended, but I'd aim for 45-60 minutes if it's your only exercise that day. I am not great on sports so that helped me out a lot recently to keep fit.

Marin Da silva
I walk on Saturday night for my job and also on Sunday. I need to walk more during the week. That is a change I need to make.♥️
Irena Poppe
I invested in the iPhone app Daily Yoga. High quality videos with attractive experts in scenic locations. Yoga is nice because there are always easier variations to the advanced poses for us stiff novices.
Dale Barnes
The best exercise ends with peace in your heart. Walking may be the kindest route as it’s pace keeps thoughts attentive, yet patient. Keep walking until your mind is clear and at peace. Choose a loop instead of a there and back and stretch at the end. (:
Kathi Schult
I do no walking exercises I walk enough shopping working cleaning. I do yoga, stretches with 2 pound weights. Often I go over the allocated time if I'm in the zone with no interruptions. I feel this app needs to allow participants the opportunity to adjust their times to reflect their schedule.
Anna Andersen
Try the 7 min workout to help get you in the habit. And try for at least 30 mins. However, don't think of it as a 30min walk, just walk somewhere Only 15 minutes away then just walk there and back 👌
Donna Dunn
Well I started by doing some cardio and it really depends on what you like to do and that you feel comfortable with it.for walking I’ll say that it’s better to start walking for 10 minutes and adding 5 minutes each day till you reach 30 minutes.
Valerie Roberts
I like to do a lot 10 minute yoga morning routine.
Maria Christiansen
I do yoga and aerobics. In cardio, I do cycling, treadmill, cross trainer and hip twister. I do abs and core exercises daily. Other exercises I do once in week basis. It takes me in total 2 and half hours. It helps me a lot. Not quite sure if I could answer your question.
Grace Ross
Walking itself is a great exercise. You can add hand swing and/or torso rotations with each step. Also increasing/decreasing your walking tempo can help.
Alexandra Feil
We all know some basic exercises, like push-ups and sit-ups. I like to do crunches (just lifting the torso) and leg-lifts in combination, more than I enjoy sit-ups. After a number of push-ups, too, I tap out. Two things make me tap out. One is boredom, and the other one is fatigue. So? I’ll do a few push-ups, followed by a few crunches. I could throw some jumping jacks in there, to raise my heart rate – but if I’m in my cluttered bedroom, I’ll throw some punches at the empty air so that I don’t accidentally kick something over. I will do an arbitrary number of those punches, say, 100, then switch to something else again to keep it engaging. You asked: how long do we do this for? It’s important to me that I break a sweat. If I do that, then that is one factor. The other is, of course, duration. They say you have effected your metabolic rate after 20 minutes – but that’s after this habit is built. I’ve taken the modest way out, and done the 7 minutes that the Fabulous app suggested at first. That’s about 2 songs-length. That’s doable. Then I hop in the shower. I make it a modest part of my morning. I hope you’ve understood from this that whatever you do, walking or something more diverse, that the idea is to truly move your body. Make that walk brisk, walk a beautiful route or a quiet route or a route to your morning coffee cafe. And throw 10 squats into it too to get your brain to connect with your body, and enhance that relationship you have with your body. Do it until you feel it – do it until you get out of your head and into your exercise. And that’s my final answer!
Hérman Pires
I need to add weights to my ankles for helping me with my exercise.
Also I need to do more reps of my upper body exercise.
Also I need to start doing my tai chi exercises this week.
Vanessa Hart
There's many different types of exercise, but they can be separated based on their levels of impact. For example pilates,yoga, and even walking are considered low-impact forms of exercise whereas crossfit is high-impact. If you are looking to burn fat, the body starts burning fat after 30 minutes of exercise. But if your level of endurance is low, starting off with short walks of 10 minutes, or maybe even 7 minutes a day of basic body weight exercises like pushups and squats can help build your endurance and boost your metabolism as well as your energy level over time. Eventually leading you to longer lengths of time when it comes to exercise. Diet is also a very important factor when it comes to seeing weight loss and even muscle building results. So eating healthy will always be recommended alongside exercise. Walking is also very good for posture and strengthening the back muscles, which can also lead to improved mood along with just taking a break from daily life and electronics to get out, breathe fresh air and be among nature and your own thoughts. Hope that helps!