What do you think is the most efficient exercise?

Brenda G.
I think to make it more of a habit, try to do something that doesn't take too much time. Something like 10 minutes would be a great start. Whether that would be the 7 minute work out through this app, going on YouTube and looking for a 10 minute Pilates work out or whatever. Because if it's only 10 minutes on your entire day, you just can't refuse it anymore
Melody T.
I love to swim since it is a full body workout with integrated cardio. Ballet workouts on Youtube are great too. They help make you flexible and let you develop lean yet functional muscles.
Debbie C.
I think a great way to get blood pumping in the morning, wake up, and feel great is to put in your headphones (or turn on your stereo) and put on some happy music to dance to! Just dance around and feel yourself smile inside!
Melanie J.
Small amounts of high intensity movement as often as you can. Dancing for 2 mins whenever a suitable song comes on. Walking up and down stairs a few extra times. Kicking your feet while watching tv.