Are you using your exercise habit to maintain, or improve your fitness level? How do you know when to step it up? I’m nervous about pushing too hard and then losing the habit because I fail.

Raisa F.
Using to improve my fitness. A little something everyday and keeping up with it is easier than doing to much and burning out. The exercises on Sphere are perfect, short and sweet when need an easy day

Owen T.
Use both running and strength training to improve my overall fitness! For the first time, I have set a goal to exercise every day. There will not be any rest days where I don’t do anything. Unless a person is a professional athlete, there is no such thing as failing as long as you show up!

Rafael W.
I think this is a valid and important concern. It’s all too easy to feel like we’ve failed. But I think it’s possible to both improve your fitness and keep your exercise habit from feeling like too much. If you’re walking, add a minute or two to your time. Do that for a week or two, and then add a bit more time. Another option is to increase your speed. Fast walk every other minute, or for a block every time you go out. Same with running – use intervals. If you’re doing body / weight activities (pushups, planks, squats, bench press, etc.), add a rep to your count. When that feels easily do-able, add another. The key to all of these options is to make the increase – whether it’s time, weight, or reps – small so it feels manageable. Good luck!

Britney P.
Mainly to get it started. For now i will focus on getting into the habit and maintaining, only when some time has passed I will try to take it up a notch. But really slow steps, to make sure I can handle it!

Ariadna C.
Honestly I'm doing both it's hard for me to keep going when it comes to exercising because I'm afraid of failing too. But you've got this! Keep going and keep telling yourself to not give up and you know for a fact that you can do it! I believe in you!

Rosemary Z.
I am using this habit for both. I feel that it is always possible to improve. So my advice if you wish to improve is to add very, very slowly. It will feel as though it’s taking forever but the chances of failure or injury are much less. Also by adding slowly you are more likely to maintain good form in your exercise you are doing, which makes them more effective. I also recommend balance in what you do. For example, as a long time runner, I’ve learned that it is crucial to work the complementary /opposing muscle groups. I’m prone to injury when I only run, but when I also cross train I’m rarely injured.

Cathy N.
You are not alone. I don’t have a very scientific system for that. I tend to do well when I’m home and miss workouts when I travel. I have a hard time starting back up when I’m home again. I guess the best indicator is when I start feeling stiff and sore I either need to back off or pick it up — usually the latter. Do I always do that? No! I regret it later. I don’t worry much about losing the habit, though. Keeping it fun and interesting helps me in that regard. I absolutely love boutique spin classes when the instructor doubles as a DJ, yoga under black lights, yoga on the beach, or stretch classes in the forest!

Zeferino E.
Yes I am using the fitness habit to improve my fitness. I have not been able to step it up yet since I have just started. I suppose when it gets easier I can step it up. I guess build the habit before you worry about stepping it up.

Ralf Dieter F.
I’m reinstating an old habit and getting in better shape. You’ll know when to step it up – when it starts getting easy.

Neutel N.
I am nervous about the same thing. I worked out a lot in the past but let myself go in the last couple of years. My advice is to allow yourself to be lead by an app. That is why I’m trying to do so I don’t get burned out or give up. Couch to 5K is great if you’re new to running. I hate running but it starts you at an easy level to work your way up. I also love Asana rebel for yoga. No matter what you choose don’t give up just slow down if you feel overwhelmed. It’s ok to take a break just don’t give up.

Ida E.
Evrything good thing has a limit. Fabulous don't teach how to do exercise. But for my peace I use an other app that integrate the idea of fabulous "Take a litle time to exercise".

So I use "8fit" who give me a bunch of exercice that I can realize in about 8 to 10 mins.

So go check it out!

Jonathan J.
I am using this exercise habit to maintain and improve my fitness. I want to lose some weight and get back down the the weight I was in high school! Since I played soccer and was a cheerleader it was easy to help me keep weight off. Ever since I graduated I gained a little weight not a lot and when I started college I would just sit around. This habit is to help me strengthen myself and make me feel comfortable again. As well as to improve the longevity of my life!

Mark Z.
Maintains my current level. Due to my appendix surgery I’ve been limited on exercise but it shouldn’t be an excuse. A quick morning dance has been a fun way to get endorphins going and feel good

Terri E.
you need to keep a good mindset. as long as you’re able to push for it mentally. you’ll be able to push for it physically. having a good, motivated mindset is i think the best way to reach your physical goals.

Brandy P.
I'm using my exercise time to improve my fitness level. When I first started I worked closely with a fitness coach who helped me determine where to begin and when it was time to push myself to do more or lift heavier weights. When I work out by myself I try to do a variety of exercises and if I feel like I need an extra challenge I will only modify one thing at a time. I think as humans we often want to make big changes all at once but I think you are smart to be cautious so as not to disrupt your momentum. However you also don't want your exercise routine to get so routine that it becomes boring and not self satisfying. The hardest part is getting started, so don't let anything stand in the way of you doing that.

Marcus X.
I’m using it mostly for maintaining. Some mornings I have a longer experience, that is to improve. Those mornings I’m with some friends, witch makes it easier! 😊

Keith P.
I like to see improvement so I note how well I’m currently doing something (eg number of pushups, time to jog a mile (very slow in my case)), and then I try to push myself a bit, do one more push-up per set by end of week… shave some time off the jog. I just try to make small improvements, or as you suggest, I’ll burn out. But without something to aim for, it can get boring.

Daisy Y.
I’m trying to improve my fitness incrementally. Your misgivings about maybe pushing too hard are mine, too! I’m trying very hard to just do a little bit every day. I’m celebrating every time I actually do something— and not beating myself up about days I don’t. My body is responding to the small changes. It’s slow, but it also feels sustainable.

Jessica F.
I think I’m on a very slow “getting fit” and maintaining the habit. Of all the habits and routines in Fabulous, learning a daily conditioning program has been most difficult. However it is getting easier. I’ll get trying and learning techniques to make it a daily ritual. Hope that helps.

Alberto F.
Can't be afraid to fail. The better you get at your fitness routine the easier it will get to know when you can push your body.

Amanda E.
I am using the exercise habit to try and improve my fitness level. I usually step it up when I find that a previously set goal or standard has become easy fo me.

Norman O.
Hi! I do both, but most to improve my fitness. Well, I have a method, I don’t know if you will like it, but here it is: Sweat. If you have a fan, air conditioner, turn all off. Make sure your room is on ‘normal temperature’ not too hot, not too cold. And then you do your exercise, when you start to sweat good! You can stop, or finish. If you have 2-3 days doing exercise and you don’t sweat, it’s time to level up!
BUT remember, until you sweat, you can stop, for the first days.

Emma W.
I am using my exercise habit to maintain my fitness level. It’s important for me to keep exercising and make that as an everyday habit even if it is only for a few minutes.

Billie N.
I try to exercise daily. It might just be a walk around a nearby park or maybe I will bike to the library. It doesn’t have to be big, but as long as you try you can succeed.

Clarence S.
I know this will sound cliche but do listen to your body. If you leave a workout still with some energy you know you can push harder. It is hard to do because we want to improve fast but i'd say increase your workout level slowly it is always better to over achieve than to feel like you failed. Hope this feels