How much exercise is too much?

Juliette A.
If, by Exercise, you are purely referring to going to the gym or sporting activity
Then its down to your own boundaries, not forgetting that you need to eat the calories burned
Walking the dog and general housework are also Exercise
Doing a little everyday and varying amount will be just as effective
Austin N.
Hi you fabulous being! Personally, I just stick to the 8 minutes for now. But in general I’d say never go behind the hurting point. Have a great day!
Holly T.
Exercise is too much when you have over fatigued your muscles. To the point where keeping proper form becomes difficult. You must stop then before you injure yourself if you continue further.
Levi Z.
If your exercise regime results in injuries and pain and makes you dread the thought of exercising, that’s too much. It’s not a job! It’s a celebration of life!! There are many people who are too sick or disabled or too old or otherwise incapacitated who would give anything to be able to exercise again!!
Wilma Y.
Too much exercise is when you start to loose time for other priorities. Your body will only let you work out so much–listen well. Push yourself, but don't break yourself.
Danielle E.
Its different for everyone. I would say when it is causing harm to you physically or mentally. Otherwise I dont think there is such thing as too much exercise. It is very beneficial. 30 minutes is recommended a day.
Amandine A.
Too much exercise is when you're feeling burnt out and exhausted all the time. I tried doing two instensive workout sessions a day with one light intensity session in between, but it didn't work out for me (pun unintended). Now, I only do intensive morning workout sessions 4 times a week, try to put in an hour of light intensity activity every day, and do intensive evening workouts 3-5 times a week.
Alex C.
To much exercise is when you are in pain or not feeling good. Over doing it will cause issues and negativity in your body. For results you need to exercise & rejuvenate the body. Show it love cause it deserves it after all its hard work in life!
Jackson P.
I think that when i was asking myself the same exact question i was in reality asking how little i can do to not feel bad about not doing anything at all. I think there exists a minimum of exercise that i should do i honestly dont do it daily i do it weekly it works for me in this stage in my life.
El Na T.
Too much exercise is when I'm out of breath and hurting. I can't tolerate too much high intensity right now because I'm just restarting my exercise habit. I will not over do it so I don't get burned out.
Logan O.
I'd say please listen to your body when it needs rest. Be present and mindful of how you feel. If it feels too much, please step back. I'm acutely aware of this since beginning physical therapy for my own broken but now surgically fixed ankle. Please take care!
Aryan G.
If you are beginner you can start with 30 minutes workout and slowly you can increase the time
Excercise is just to keep you fit don't overload body
Ron N.
I think that when you’re first starting out on your fitness journey, it’s best to start slow. Remember you’ve never used most of the muscles in your body so in the beginning it will seem like working out 1-3 a week will be too much for you but in reality it isn’t. You’re conditioning and strengthening those muscles so that your body is able to increase the amount of time and routines you do in the gym or at home. For me, I began with working out consistently for 3 days a week for 45 minutes, (which included 30 mins for strength and core training, 10 mins of cardio and 5 mins for the cooling down process in the sauna. After about a month, I increased my workouts to 5 days a week for 1 hour each day. I always focus on a specific area for the first 4 days of the week and then on the last day I do a full body workout. I truly feel that anything over an hour is excessive and you could potentially burn yourself out. However, you’re the only person that knows how much your body can and can’t handle, so it’s best to use sound judgement there.
William Z.
That question only shows you are not 'friends with your body'. You gotta have an awareness of how it is in the present… When you look in the mirror what do you see? That's the aesthetics part … Do you think you are fat? Is there some local fat you would like to burn? Or you feel what you want to do is to gain muscles? Can you run without getting tired? Can you go up the stairs without going out of breath? What can your body handle the way it is today? And knowing that, what do you want to change?
For me too much exercise is the one that is gonna leave my muscles sore. I don't need that. I am not talking about that soreness of when you go back to gym and after working out you feel your muscles a little bit. I am talking about working out so much that you can't move, you stay in bed suffering from the pain and tiredness… Exercises are about consistency and quality not so much about quantity (doing a lot once a week or once a month and getting trashed).
Your body will tell you when it's too much. It starts by giving you small signs, but you can also use your brain to prevent from exaggerating. Start with simple and effective exercises and slowly build up and improve your exercise routine. Body awareness all the way xoxo
Enzo F.
When It becomes something stressdfull for body and mind. It Will leave you whith out energy as long as you don't take a long revolver.
Regina C.
I personally feel like when you exercise non stop and restrict yourself from doing other things in your life.. that's when it's too much. Other than that, I usually stop when I feel content with what I have done. It varies each day, you do you!
Brett W.
To much exercise is when you push your body too hard to fast and don’t allow yourself adequate time to recover. While it is extremely healthy and beneficial to push your “limits”, you need to know where you need to stop for the day to get the best benefits for what your body is telling you so you can return the next day and workout again.
Basile Q.
Your body will tell you when it is too much. Until then you have to give everything without considering if it’s too much.
Jonathan P.
That really depends on the person, nutrition, and purpose of exercising. Exercise should always be used to improve health, not as punishment for our bodies. Nutrition has to meet the needs of the body, exercising without proper fuel is self-abuse. Exercising to compensate for poor eating habits is abuse. Adequate sleep, and proper nutrition can increase the body's ability and functionality in exercise and allow you to perform better and longer.
Tristan C.
7 days a week could be too much, but my feeling on this stuff is that each body, and mentality, is different and one should do what they feel comfortable doing.
Grete A.
Great question!
I think you have to listen to your body for that answer. If you are concerned you are over doing it, think about why that is and whether throttling down a little would give added benefit in the long run.
If you feel strong and are exercising at moderate exertion, you're probably fine.
If, however, you are working out to exhaustion 7 days per week, it's going to lead to negative results. You could get injured or you may just burn out and lose your momentum or just quit.
We are far better off being the turtle: The hare always runs out of gas and gets passed in the end.