I feel like I need a warm up before I jump into exercising first thing in the morning. What do you suggest I try?

Stacey F.
I prep all my food and coffee the night before, so I’m not distracted. I also have my workout clothes ready. I do sort of jump right in with exercise. I make my bed, have coffee, and use an app for my work out. There is a stretching exercise on fabulous that’s maybe five minutes. I’ve done that. Also, there’s a couple yoga exercises on fabulous that are less than five minutes also. It’s nice for getting you stretched and moving.
Maja U.
I think that it is a good idea to warm up as it doesn't only warm up your muscles which prevent a chance of injury but it also prepares your mind.
Sandro Q.
I think the most effectively to warm up or exercising in morning is try pilates or jogging on the spot, this usually what I do , its also help u to give more energy when morning
Shailaja N.
I usually like to start my day with 5-10 Sun salutations. They’re a good warmup for workouts as well. Try looking up full body stretches as well.