What’s your ritual and where do you put cues to exercise?

Erica G.
My ritual is small. I keep it simple with just the 3 most important tasks to accomplish my goals per ritual.
I keep my exercise goals in the morning now because it's easier to start the day with it than after work where I feel justified to just skip and go home after a long day. There is no excuse if you work out in the morning. You can always get up earlier if you need to. Try it for a few days and make adjustments to your schedule so it's sustainable and not just a short term task. That's how you change your lifestyle from skipping to going every time.
Lidwina O.
My ritual? I get up in the morning, max 9 AM… Drink a huge glass of cold and refreshing water, then I have a nice breakfast which is usually eggs and a glass of milk, and if I am still hungry I prepare a Tapioca. Once I have digested, I begin warming up to start my exercise. I exercise 30 minutes daily and take a walk in the afternoon.
Barbara W.
My favourite water flask next to my bed and my exercise clothes on my shelf so I can see them as I wake up. I hope to have my running shoes out soon as I get fitter and weather gets warmer to start a morning jog…run
Lylou E.
Douchen voor het slapen. Rustig en uitgebreid. Goed insmeren met olie. Handencreme en vorrencreme opdoen.
Aanwijzingen heb ik in mijn hoofd.
Helene Z.
My ritual is to do all of my other tasks done, then I try to exercise. My cues are silence, so then I can put on music and do some dancing exercises.