Is it too late for an adult to learn how to really swim?

Charlene P.
It is never too late to learn how to swim! Swimming is a useful skill than can save your life or just make you more comfortable when you are near water. Lots of community pools have free or reduced priced classes, and YMCA offers classes too!
Mads F.
I don't think it's too late for anyone. It is less about age and more about overcoming which ever obstacles that have kept you from learning!
Josh Z.
Swimming a great skill to learn at any age! It is a wonderful way to exercise, and you will be a lot more comfortable around water.
Luiz S.
It’s definitely not! I’m a swimmer myself and I also play water polo!
And I learned in my life that the pathway to mastery is practice!
So if you want to swim, go for it! It’s a great exercise and it also trains your focus and coordination!
Just remember, baby steps!
Amelie J.
No absolutely not! Science has shown that it's a lot easier to learn things when you're a child,buy that doesn't mean it's impossible! I'm a big believer that you can do and learn anything you want of you put your mind to it! I loved swimming as a child! But I struggled to do proper breaststrokes in the beginning. One day my mom compared it to how a frog swims in one of my favourite childrens story book, and it just clicked. After that I started going to actual lessons and I did that from very young to around 10 years old. I believe you can learn to! Maybe a frog isn't a good reference for you but just keep trying until you get it!
Jito N.
I don’t think so. You find it interesting to learn swimming. Just go and do it like when you drink water as you get thirsty.
Good luck 🍀👍🏻
Best wishes ⭐️
Fouzia N.
Truthfully I don't know how to swim . But I am adult . I think it's if we can incourage our mind and say that "I can learn " so there will no body in earth who can stop me . So all about our mind . By the way swiming is better for our health and keeps our mind healthy so we our mind is sound full and healthy the world seems nice
Carla N.
I believe, no! Take your time. At your own pace. It might be challenging to learn now, but be patient with yourself. Enjoy it. Do not be your own critic.
Terrie A.
There is nothing as too late for anything. You want to learn how to manage your time, go for are 50 and you want to learn how to swim,go for it. The best fulfillment to yourself comes after you have done what you really want to do. It feels great .
Kelly I.
Absolutely not! We have elastic brains. That means that they are constantly stretching and changing. Although it may be more difficult, it can be done.
Adam I.
No, it is not too late. It is never too late to learn anything. You need to realise that you will not learn it as fast as you would have as a child, however you certainly can, it just takes an extra time. Just to give you an example, I met a 68 year old woman, who decided that she wants to learn how to play the guitar and has been at it for 3 years now. She learns slower than those who are at an earlier age, however she is learning it and doing great… and loves it. Do you know how old you're going to be by the time you learn how to swim properly? The same age like you decided not to learn it. You have nothing to lose, find someone to help (ideally a swimming coach, however anyone will do, who can really teach you), and trunks/swimsuit/bikini (whatever your choice) up! Good luck!
Robert E.
It is not too late for an adult to learn to swim. You will have to start small, and slowly, working on the basics until you can use them freely. Trust that there is time enough for life to take its' own course. Life does not get easier; you get better. Do things. It will help to clear your mind.
Justine O.
No of course not, better late than never as the saying goes. I think it’s never too late for anyone to learn something new, wether that be learning to swim or to play an instrument or to speak a new language. It’s never too late to learn anything.
Shaine N.
It is never too late for anything. Wether that's swimming or learning new skills you've always wanted to do or learn. Dreams you've never pursued and places you've never been. It's never too late for anything, we all have different pace in life 😊
Shawn F.
I truly believe that it is never to late to learn anything. The speed at which you might pick up something will depend on a lot of things and age can reflect on that speed. Young kids have a capacity to learn ALOT in a short amount of time, but that doesn’t mean the adults can’t either, if you have a great enough desire and patience to put in the work you can learn anything, even to swim!
Julie G.
No, it's never too late to learn to swim, maybe the rythm may be slower, but it is always possible to learn the technique
Julie Z.
Never too late! It's an basic survival skill to have. Some people may judge you, but hey, they won't be there to save you if you're drowning right? Do what makes you happy!
Kate G.
I guess it depends on what you mean “really swim”. I do think that they can learn how to swim, keep their head above water and look good doing it. But I don’t know if they’ll ever be a great swimmer or super fast.
Katie O.
No!!!! You'll probably learn faster because you have the concrete experiences of working with water, seeing how things float, moving your body against resistance… Those sensory experiences are new to kids making it less natural in some ways. You'll be fine.
Lewish N.
No, no it’s not. If you’re old and have weak muscles that’s one thing but if you’re young and fit? It’s not too late to try out new things
Erin Z.
Absolutely not. You can always learn to swim—you just need to have patience with yourself. Swimming is a valuable skill and one that can be learned by anybody. I taught swimming and trained lifeguards for many summers in my college years, and we taught many people these skills who thought they couldn’t do it or who had trouble with other physical activities. Don’t give up!
Hazi T.
Heck naw! Just don’t be afraid of the water and learn to hold your breath. Start out by striding along like a regular ole Micheal Phelps to build your confidence! Take some cues & tips from a YouTube video! They always help me with my goals!
Kayt N.
No! It's never too late to learn something new. Swimming is a skill like any other. My mum had a friend who was brought up to be terrified of swimming (a cultural thing) but when her kids were born she wanted to be able to swim with them. A combination of gentle sessions getting used to being in the water with my mum (because she was really scared) and then actual swimming lessons for adults got her to the point where she enjoys swimming. If you're talking about developing technique and becoming an athlete, then that's in your reach too. There are swimming clubs with categories for loads of ages, and they have coaches that can help you refine and improve.
Faiza V.
It is never too late! I started to learn at 37 because my building had a pool. I never had access to a pool before unless I would have signed up to a club and for classes. I had a big fear if drowning. Go for it! As adults I think we are too harsh on ourselves and expect results faster. Whereas as kids we have no sense of time and just attend classes or sessions coz we have been signed up for them. So take the leap but go easy on yourself 🙂
Anna T.
Of course not! As a child I was really scared of swimming but I took swimming class and now I'm not afraid anymore. Also swimming is one of the best sports because you sweat, but you're in water and then you take a shower and that's fantastic ahah!! You should do it, I know you can and you will succeed!!