How do you keep up the excercise habit when you’re busy? How do you make it enjoyable?

Christy Z.
Being busy just gives you a chance to make it a fun game. Exercise doesn't have to be the gym or time for running or walking, it just needs to raise your heartbeat and stretch your muscles and allow more oxygen in. What can you do to make your day a little brighter? How can you keep your steps up and your breathing steadfast? Have errands to run? Instead of walking regularly, make it a game. How fast can I get through the store? Set a timer. How far back can I park in the parking lot? How many steps will it take me to get inside the store if I dance through the parking lot? Do you sit all day? You should do a movement every 40 minutes. Set a timer, walk to the bathroom or to the water fountain, stretch at your desk. There are so many things to do, if you want to, that don't involve taking time out of your day.
Annabelle N.
To be honest ima say the truth, if your busy, maybe put a couple of things to the side, it doesnt have to be something very important, because i know that will lead to procrastination, but if you cant, it doesnt need to be a full workout, it can be dancing to a song or simply doing weird crazy moves, see? You can do so much in something we do everyday!