What is the best 30 min sport routine?

Ma Lia B.
I've found in the past that attending a 30-min HIIT class has helped me. Sometimes you can find easy to do at home routines on Pinterest or just by Googling
Travis E.
In 30 minutes you can choose between a lot of options depending on what is available.
1) swimming. This is good exercise for every muscle, especially around your shoulders and arms. It is very good to burn fat and it is fun. But you will need to have a swimming pool available.

2) Running. 30 minutes is a good start to run. You can alter the intensity any time you run. You can go faster or slower, run for a longer time or shorter.

3) Interval training. I suggest to google this. But it can be applied on swimming, cycling and running. It is a great way to increase physique and performance at the same time. However, it is very demanding when done correctly.

4) workouts. With enough repetitions and rests (and drinks!) You can fill half an hour. You will feel very satisfied with the feeling you get from it. Your muscles may hurt, but it is a reminder of your hard work.

Hope this helps!

Wilma E.
Always tell yourself I'll just do 8 minutes of X exercise. That way you get out the door/bed. Once you're going then it's easier to keep going past 8 minutes, and eventually you will build up this habit.
Terrence U.
In my opinion 30 minutes of exercise at a level that challenges you without discouraging you is best. So, that maybe walking, jogging, running, low impact woukout routine with or without some weights. As long as you start, remain consistent and focus on your goal. As you become stronger the level of exercise needed to challenge you will change.