How many times in a week and day should you exercise?

Selma C.
I don't know how many times one should exercise. It's up to fitness and health experts and the person's condition. I try to work out about 1 hour every other day or 3 times a week.
Mae G.
In the mornings I do my normal workout for a hour and a half. At lunch time I turn on music and do my workout for 45 minutes. At 7:30 I do my workout well watching tv for 3 hours.
Tankhil N.
In a week around every other day i think is best but , if you are up for a challenge do it daily and rest on the weekends. Around 45 minutes of exercise is best for keeping fit.
Maddison J.
If you are a Beginner I’d recommend 3 days a week so you won’t hate exercising but if you are up to the challenge you can do 5 times a week,don’t forget to reward yourself celebrate!
Devyn G.
I personally exercise everyday, once a day. I don’t do a big workout, I either go for a short run in the morning, or do one of the strength workouts that Fabulous provides!
Urbano C.
As much and as many times as you feel good about it and by doing it. I try to exercise at least 3 times a week to feel the long term mood boost. 🙂
Avery N.
Id say everyday is a perfect day to exercise even if you are just going for a walk. Once per day I enough to fill you up with fresh air and positive mind set. =)
Marcela D.
I usually exercise 5 days a week and rest weekend. But that's up to you, how you feel, and when you think you need it the most.