When you are busy working crazy long days, how do you find a way to schedule in exercise?

Johnny A.
I usually prefer to have exercise in the mornings so that it's out of the way and this helps me keep a clear head for the rest of the day. I cannot enough reinforce the fact enough that exercise in the morning is the best. Once your throught that then the mind is acceptable to missing a cordio session of any form in the evening
Joyce T.
My workout schedule is quite flexible. Either I do it in the morning as soon as I wake up. Or I do it in the evening after I get back from work. The most important thing is to try and put in at least 30 minutes of workout time everyday. Either together. Or separately.
Irina T.
I like to exercise before the bed time, short yoga practise or stretching. It makes me tired a little and calm, so my sleeping is better
Sander C.
I figure if im out of breath and my hearts beating fast yhats better then nothing . Pushups or some quick running usually does the trick. Do proper exercise when time permits.
Bernard F.
I do it as soon as I wake up before getting ready. If that means waking up a little bit earlier then so be it. That just means proper sleep will also be involved.
Niloofar F.
Even If you're so busy, you surely find 7 minute or so to exercise intensely. In my case I exercise for 5 to 10 minutes in my break time.
Georgia P.
I exercise early in the morning and in the evening, before bed. I not it’s not the best and I am not doing the fitted workout for me, but it’s a restart and I don’t want to pressure now. The hectic days will go and I will have more time to workout
Ivanise I.
Schedule two possible times throughout the day to work out. If you miss morning yoga, you can still take a lunch break walk! Planning workouts that you like will help you succeed. If you hate running, you probably wont make time for a morning run.
Tim P.
I’ll admit I’m still working on this, and it is a struggle for me as well. The things I’ve found to be most effective for me personally are waking up earlier, and getting the exercise in before I have to start getting ready for work. This works sometimes, but is hard on the nights I’ve only had 4 hours sleep.

Other things I’ve found helpful, are taking mini walks on breaks. I’m pretty bad about taking breaks and lunches, and will frequently work straight through them. But if I force myself to go take a walk around the block when I get a cup of coffee? That works. Linking it to coffee or water, something I’m doing already.

Last, the Ring Fit game on the Nintendo Switch. It’s silly, but it gamifies exercising, in small bursts, with positive reinforcement. A level can be done in 5 mins, and in that I’m time I’m doing squats, lunges, presses. All with a Pilates ring.

Lorin O.
I do a 5-10 minute workout, HIIT, in the morning immediately after I wake up if it is a full week of working long hours or if it is just a couple of days then I just accept not doing any exercise and not stress about it.
Rachele Y.
I do the seven minute workout and then I do stretches and bends while I’m doing laundry or washing the dishes and making my coffee I also want anything needs microwave I will do repetitive exercises for example if I’m reading a bowl of soup in one minute I’m able to do 10 lunges. I literally did 10 lunges while I was voice texting this.
Winfried S.
I try to get it done in the morning after I've hydrated and had breakfast. Sometimes it's also nice to do a relaxing stretch or yoga routine after I'm done with work for the day.