I am so stiff in my hamstrings and lower back when I get up in the morning to exercise, I have spondylolisthesis in my lower back (fractures in my vertebrae) that contribute. I usually do ashtanga yoga as my workout. It’s so uncomfortable in the morning that I end up usually waiting til the evening when I’m not so stiff, but I would prefer to do it in the morning. Any suggestions on warming up stiff joints/muscles before getting started?

Frederikke P.
I’d suggest doing a little bit of cardio to warm up your muscles before you stretch. Even 10 minutes can help and cardio before your workout helps your endurance! I’d also recommend getting a foam roller. The first time I tried it I was a young athlete and had constant aches no matter how many times I stretched. The first time I foam rolled my thighs and calves it was overwhelming. It’s tough to get through but you hit all the little muscles that are harder to stretch and that are maybe forgotten. 10/10 recommend!!

Johnny O.
I feel very sad that you have spondylolisthesis in your lower back. For warm up you can do very low intensive exercise for back, like cracking those air bubbles between your bones. If you want to feel more energetic you have to take enough sleep like 7+ hours.