I don’t want my exercise attached to my morning routine as I swim during my working day before lunch. What should I do?

Villads U.
I don't think it's important to exercise in the morning as long as you are exercising. Go to your home screen, select your morning routine, then click on the button with three dots. Select "edit", then delete that part of your morning routine. Then add it to your afternoon routine.
Suzy J.
Do some yoga or stretching early in the morning, just to wake your body up gently. Then go swimming (or running, or to the gym) whenever feels right for you during the day.
Jenny O.
You could do some small but effective exercise of stretching or respiration in the morning, to prepare your body for your swimming later, without taking too much time or energy.
Javier O.
You can check your exercise in the morning even you do it four-five hours later. This way you can not create an excuse and have to do the exercise.
Hubertine J.
You can either accept a light exercise to just get the heart pumping as soon as you wake up. (Remember, this is not your main daily exercise, this is just meant to wake the body up). You can maybe replace it with stretching exercises or you can move it to the end of the ritual and finish the ritual later in the day.
Bayram F.
Add a new ritual for your lunchtime swim as a separate routine later on in the day. It may be worth adding a ritual to your morning routine to pick up your swimming kit before leaving for work. An evening ritual to prepare your kit the night before may be worth adding as we've done to leave a full water bottle next to the bed in the evening.
Catherine N.
The thing here is to boost and wake you up early in the morning to feel energized throughout the day. The exercise doesnt have to be so time consuming as going to the swimming pool you may just do a few push-ups and sit ups or walk around the block because that is what you need in the morning-get your blood circulating. If you choose to move the wake up moment till before lunch, it’s your choice. Happy to help!)
Dustin W.
Ok. First go to settings, adjust schedule, then adjust biology… Just kidding… Actually, it doesn't hurt to experiment a little to see what works best. It is ideal to have a quick 8 minute workout in the morning just to get the blood flowing. This really makes a big difference for the day. A swim in the afternoon will definitely be a good addition to the routine and you might benefit more from the combination than just one or the other.
Paul Heinz U.
Can 't you move it to another time if swimming doesn t count as your exercise routine? I like to cross train by alternating swim day with other activities. Swimming usually repairs me from other sports in a single setting.
Lutz F.
A short exercise in the morning can energize you for the whole day. Since you already swim, maybe pick a easy and short exercise, like 2 min stretching?
Louna P.
Perhaps you could add a small stretching routine in the morning for 5 minutes and add your swimming to your afternoon routine?
Magnus Z.
I have a similar situation whereby I run during my working day. I look at what I should be doing but rarely have time for such as hamstring stretches and Achilles injury prevention exercises and focus on these for my morning exercise routine.
Carl F.
Just for the case of ritual, you could do some little physical activity for your body, even if it is for a couple of minutes (dance, plank or 20 push ups). That will make your blood flow to all the parts of the body, leading you to fabulous morning:)
Randall F.
I think you should try some gentle exercise in the evening maybe a dance or yoga to help feel happier and more relaxed, helping you sleep deeper for longer
Melvin O.
Here are the steps, my dude:

1) go to the routine that has exercise
2) hit the ellipsis to the right of the plus
3) choose reorder & remove habits
4) remove the exercise habit
5) go to your afternoon (or whatever) routine
6) add exercise as a new habit (hit the plus)

You can also change the duration, ordering, and icons of your habits (might be a subscription feature?).

Good luck!

Miguel J.
I exercise once every part of the day: morning, noon and night. However, if you prefer to do one big one, then you can delete the habit from the morning and place it either in the afternoon or evening. There are no repercussions and it counts towards your goal.
Yusuf C.
Most importent is that you workout during the day.
If you swim thats great.
The perks with morning workout is that it gets the blood flowing and gets you going. Maybe stretching and prepearing for the swim could suit you, have you tried yoga?
8min its all it takes, you could do that when your eggs are boiling, or waiting for the coffee.
Malthe W.
Delete the exercise from the morning routine and create a brand new routine just for exercise at the time which is most suitable to you.
Sofia U.
You can add it to your afternoon routine. It does not matter what time you excersice as long as you do it regularly. Also it should not be close to your sleep hours since it can interrupt your sleep cycle and keep you out of bed. Swimming is a great type of excersice, I used to do it a lot. I encourage you to keep doing it
Marvin P.
You can either move your whole routine later, or complete some of the activities in the morning, then the exercise and Mark the routine as complete until then.
Regina Z.
A 7 minute workout BEFORE your working day is gonna make a big difference mentally…just like a small healthy breakfast does. Swimming is awesome though!
Lesa G.
Delete them from your morning routine and put them wherever works for you! This is about building healthier habits, not about living life in a prearranged order.
Aliciane Q.
Seems simple enough; get in a supplementary workout in the evenings when you are finished with your day. Try to get it done before dinner so you can wind down you routines for the evening accordingly.
Margie T.
Hi!Normally I exercise in the morning because it helps me be more active during the day,but If you don’t want or can’t do it in the morning maybe you can try at night,I know it can be tiring but that way you’ll feel like you have accomplished something important before going to bed.I hope this helped you 🙂
Zo E.
Try to put just a 1 minute thing in your morning exercises.
You can keep your swimming before lunch, and add a tiny bit of exercise as well when you wake up. It doesn't have to be a big thing like going to swim. I do 8 min of various exercises, but you can do 5 min stretching, or even 1 or 2 minutes.
Stella P.
Use the time to stretch or just to dance to wake you up. It’s not about completing your workout, it’s about building energy for your body and most importantly putting your mind in the right place.
Warren Z.
Well, you could either leave it where it is in the app and check it off later in the day, or you could move your exercise goal to your afternoon goals.

Alternatively, you could add a stretching routine to your morning, just to wake your muscles and metabolism up.

Andreas W.
You could count your swimming as your morning exercise. Then if you still feel that you need more of a workout in your day then do your 7 minute workout before you eat dinner or whenever works for you.