What do you like to do when you’re stuck in your room?

Khushi E.
Look for fun crafts on Pinterest. Read a book. I do 15 mins on my phone then move on to any art project. Then I read. Rearranging and decluttering your room is also a good idea
Roselyn Q.
I always spend time in my room! I love writing, watching TV, stretching, practicing violin, and playing games on my phone. Mostly I use my phone, but I’m trying to stop using it so much. I also like researching topics that interest me.
David N.
I allow myself to be stuck for awhile. But staying in too long will make me want to stay forever, so I will drink up my bottle of water and have the urge to head out to refill it, and stay outside my room after
Marc J.
Journaling helps, making sure I have an exercise routine, see if I can learn anything (like preparing a new dish or learning other skills), making sure I set aside time for chores and rewards after completing them
Nemo W.
I usually read, reorganize my furniture, do yoga or some sort of exercise, or relax and unwind by watching a movie or taking a nap.
Ivan U.
I recently had to self-quaratine. I enjoyed reading, family history, sewing, exercising with workout videos on my phone, and taking care of myself (shower, etc…).
Evelynne O.
Check out YouTube videos for chair aerobics, a multi-tasking project; also check YouTube How to DIY on any subject like say, how to properly vacuum and clean your space. Finally with wind down time pick a project: sewing, learning to sign or learning a foreign language on You Tube; or do something music related, sing, dance, play music; or watch a new movie or tv series on say, Hulu, Roku or Amazon Prime Video. Hope these ideas help. Best wishes!
Herbert Z.
I like to read. I also make toys to sell for charity. Sometimes I like to watch television and I like games on my phone that make me use my brain. I spend a lot of time alone, but I don't mind it at all.
Mel Y.
I've always been someone into hobbies so I've just taken up more hobbies. Currently my hobbies include painting, jewelry making, drawing, soap carving, soap making (cold process), knitting, making paper, making baskets out of paper, baking, making terrariums, making bonsai, and planting and watering my plants. Also video games if you count that. I find that making things really helps to keep me happy, because otherwise I get bored. It's good to be able to accomplish something that you enjoy because it gives you energy to try to accomplish things you don't enjoy.
Jose P.
Watch TV (like YouTube) and chill. I would like to meditate more, but TV helps me relax just like meditation helps others, so it’s ok.