How soon do you exercise after waking up?

Wade F.
Currently i dont but im going to start working out 10-20 minutes after waking up. I will try to workout for about 10 minutes.
Josephine F.
I give myself a few minutes to wake up and lookcthrough the window. I then drink a glass of water to get the energy flowing and start a little wxercise routine of about 20 minutes. I then make myself some coffee and eat breakfast.
Sara Z.
Usually I exercise as soon as I get off the bed, but there are some days when I can't, so I wait a couple hours, and other days when I go out to walk or run, so I have to get dressed before I exercise and it takes a little longer (like 10 minutes).
Tasnim G.
Within 30 minutes. I wake up, floss,drink water, sometimes make my bed then immediately start exercising. Doing it earlier not only removes my sleepiness but also makes me more energetic for the day:).
Raina N.
My morning exercise is walking my dog. I do this about an hour after waking up. I’ll wake up, check my messages, maybe stretch a bit in bed, do stuff on my phone then get up, drink some water and take my dog out. I’d just do what works best for you and your routine 🙂
Sarah R.
About 1.5 hours. I usually sit in bed for a few minutes savouring the waking up process. Then I go downstairs to make myself a cup of tea. Bring it back upstairs to sit in bed and watch the sunrise and listen to affirmations while sipping tea. Then a silent meditation for 44 mins, change clothes, brush teeth etc and get out the yoga mat ready for the exercise.
Deanna P.
Depends on the day. Today, I didn’t technically. I waited until I got to my sports competition which was only about two hours after I woke up. Normally, I do it anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.
Nandana X.
I don't really think I am eligible to answer this question as I only started exercising a couple of days ago. But Ima give you a small piece of advice just in case you are someone who goes through the same problems as me. Although it's heavily recommended to exercise by waking up early in the morning and finishing it so that you remain fresh throughout the day, I personally hate exercising and everytime I try to wake up in the morning and workout, I tend to quit the whole thing sooner or later. Exercising and waking up in the morning altogether is too unpleasant for me. So I try to exercise whenever I feel happy and upbeat. But remember to exercise at least a few hours before sleeping because it had messed with the quality of my sleep for a long time. And I stuggle with procrastination as well. So if you're someone like me trying to build a habit of exercising everyday , try to take it slow and pleasant.
All the best✨😃🌻